Our buddy Kyle and the gang down in LA Golden Saddle Cyclery cooking some nice and good looking kit here. I will get one fur sure..

You can see a few more images…HERE!

So starting today until May 7th(Kits should be delivered 4 weeks later.) we will be doing a pre-order for the Golden Saddle Cyclery kit made by Endo Customs here in Los Angeles, CA. The jersey can be purchased in white or black(you can even buy both like I did). A unisex bib and women’s short will be offered, along with arm warmers. Key features of each piece are listed on the items page. Feel free to email kyle@goldensaddlecyclery.com with any questions. Both the women’s and men’s jerseys are race cut. I’m not saying size up, that’s just the cut. You’ll have to decide how aero you wanna be. These things aren’t cheap by any means but compared to a lot of other brands out there I’d say say we’re offering up a pretty competitive price for premium goods manufactured here in the U.S. of A. And I’m damn sure you’ll be the best looking one on the ride, making you more confident and a better cyclist. ;)

Pre-order the…

White Jersey…HERE!

Black Jersey…HERE!

Cycling Bibs…HERE! 

Women’s Shorts…HERE!

And Arm Warmers…HERE!