• What a craftsmanship, perfecto. Yep it’s on ebay right now. It could be yours for no less than 6 thousand buck. The seller did a really great job with many detailed pics.

    Here listing info:

    Welcome to my auction !

    You are bidding on a:


    Handbuilt in Paris in 1965 by Rene Herse, highest level of craftsmanship
    by The French master builder.

    Amazing quality of brazing and Lugs.

    Seat tube : 55cm center to center
    Top tube : 55cm center to center
    Standover height 79,5cm (with 32B tyres)

    Fabulous bike, I bought it for my personal use at but now I’ve found a more suitable framesize
    and this beauty has to go.

    Frame/fork condition:
    Very good overall, Some paint chips with some corrosion only on surface.

    Original patina and just cleaned a little for pictures.

    René Herse Stem 8.5cm C/C
    René Herse double Crankset 170mm
    René Herse front rack in good condition a little corrosion
    René Herse Cable straddle yokes 
    Bell alloy wingnuts
    Maxicar hubs Super champion rims 36 spokes
    Huret luxe derailleurs
    Philippe Randonneur Handlebars 42cm width
    Lefol fenders, good condition with scratches from use.
    Mafac Raid brakes : very good condition.
    Paturaud Special toe clips
    Mafac levers
    Brooks competition saddle
    Stronglight competition headset
    Soubitez dynamo , Soubitez front light ,  Ulo rear
    Sonnett bell
    Wolber 650B 32 tyres in almost new condition

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  • Well hello there CycleZine readers. It’s been some time. But my absence has not been in vain. I’ve been working on several bike related projects which I will (hopefully) soon share with ya’ll. At any rate, I’d like to start my return with another installment of “Seen On Ebay”.


    This installment highlights another gem on eBay France [archive link]. Something that would be at home with cycling enthusiasts and avid Franklin Mint collectors alike. I present to you, the History of the Tour De France as told in an elegant series of 12 10 commemorative china plates.

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  • Well hello there! It's been some time since our last installment of Seen On Ebay and since today is Father's Day, I've found the perfect gift! Because I know that our 4 faithful readers not only seek out the latest in cycling trends, but at least one of you has a dad and probably hasn't gotten him a gift yet. So without further ado, I present you with:

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  • Yes, Damn you, Ray Dobbins.

    There I said it. But c’mon, just tell me you weren’t thinking the same thing. Yeah, that’s right, I thought so.

    Damn your little details, your ability to strive and and subsequently archive perfection, yes, Damn all of those things.

    In fact. Damn your Colnagos. All of them, especially the 1972 beauty that is currently on ebay. Yes, Damn that one especially.

    damn you

    damn you

    Damn You

    Damn You

    Oh, Pirelli tubulars. Hmm, yeah, been looking for those FOREVER. But it doesn’t matter, ’cause I’m Damning those as well.


    Pirelli Tubulars. Rare, Sure. Damn them? Yes.

    I’m also sure I could check out this custom Drillium and make some sort of refrerence to Dante’s 7 circles of hell. But I won’t. Why? Damn them.


    Damn these things, too

    Also, I would like to specifically point out that I damn the ingenuity of the little clear cable housing you hid under the cable guides. You guess it. Damn you and the cable housing.


    Damn this Clear Cable Housing

    You also may remeber a little post called Ask CycleZine, where I point out how to date an NR derailleur. Well, damn that post and damn Ray for taking a better example shot of THIS 1972 CAMPY NUOVO RECORD REAR DERAILLUER. Maybe you should just write the column. Huh, yeah, I thought so.


    Damn 1972 and Dating Campy Components

    Then again, maybe I don’t have to damn you. They say the devil is in the details.

    Damn you.

    Oh, and for those of you who are bitter (Damn you too). Check out this gallery of g*ddamn nice pictures. Then head over to ebay and buy the damn 1972 Damn Colnago Damn Super that I can’t Damn afford. Damnit.

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  • I’m a sucker for a nice vintage box or two and the following are no exceptions. Here are a couple of things that showed up in the mail the last few weeks. Just thought I would share, because sharing is caring.

    I love the lettering and pictographs of this vintage Gaslo box. It’s more in line with the graphic design of that era. Whereas most cycling design was a couple decades behind the fold with a lot of their graphics.

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