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  • I remember saw these guys passed by in Golden Gate Park the other day. Work day fun day.

    Here’s their story in our city.. Morning Ride to the Beach

    Bike to the Beach 14

    With the Bike to the Beach bag launching online this month, Kirby Stenger, one of our wonderful Alite photographers, decided that we needed to shoot the actual “bike to the beach” morning ride that inspired the creation of the bag.  So we got together in the Panhandle one morning and set our sights onTrouble Coffee, a fantastic coffee shop in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset neighborhood.  Offering some of the absolute best coffee and toast in SF, as well as a unique, comfortable parklet in which to sit and enjoy your morning caffeine fix, Trouble Coffee was the first business to bring fame to this now heavily visited block on Judah Street.  If you pedal there through Golden Gate Park, you will have the opportunity to pass such amazing SF landmarks as the Conservatory of Flowers, the De Young Museum, Bison Paddock, Stow Lake Boathouse, the Dutch Windmill, and finally, Ocean Beach!  Check out our photos from our ride below… We hope it inspires you to set the ol’ alarm clock an hour early and squeeze in a morning ride yourself!

    And if you live in SF, Trouble Coffee is located at 4033 Judah Street.  We recommend pedaling to the Panhandle, taking John F. Kennedy Drive all the way to The Great Highway, riding down the coastline, then turning on Judah.  Trouble Coffee is a few blocks up.  And please remember to try the toast.  You’ll thank us.

    Bike to the Beach Bag - 1

    Bike to the Beach - 2

    Bike to the Beach - 3

    …through the Panhandle…

    Bike to the Beach 5

    Bike to the Beach 6

    Bike to the Beach 7

    …past the De Young…

    Bike to the Beach 8

    Bike to the Beach 9

    Bike to the Beach 10

    …pitstop at Stow Lake…

    Bike to the Beach 11

    Bike to the Beach 12

    Bike to the Beach 13

    Bike to the Beach 15

    …and this is pre-coffee…

    Bike to the Beach 16

    Bike to the Beach 17

    …down the coastline…

    Bike to the Beach 18

    Bike to the Beach 19

    …morning reflection…

    Bike to the Beach 20

    Bike to the Beach 21

    Bike to the Beach 22

    Bike to the Beach 23

    …follow the Great Highway south…

    Bike to the Beach 24

    Bike to the Beach 25

    Bike to the Beach 27

    …Trouble Coffee…

    Bike to the Beach 26

    Bike to the Beach 29

    …and now, on to the office…

    You can still pick up one of the Bike to the Beach bags here.

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  • Just read this from MASH. I am repost this here. Support our friend Cheuy!!!!

    We are receiving late news that our friend Kachusha Munkanita is in need of legal support. He is one of the most peaceful people we have met, so when a story was published about his arrest, the bike community took notice. In short, he was arrested for watching 3 young people being arrested in the Mission, and wanting advocate for their saftey.

    The least we can do is help gather resources for when he needs them. We are offering our Histogram Cap, with 100% of the profit (about $7 each) going to help support legal fees Chuey will incur.

    Help support this local hero in the simplest form, and Get a cap. Once an additional fund raising event has been organized, we will post it here.

    We will update you once we know more.

    Photo: Takashi

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  • Jackie the man at Box Dog Bike just done with this beauty from ground up for his wife. I mean from custom tubing, bike building all that jazz.  It has all the brazed on, holes, hangs, hinge you hella name it. Custom rack too dahum.

    Ok I posted some pics here but go over to see more pic in the album cos the dudeman really did a good job with the custom frame. So if you need to get a nice one for ya love one, head over to Box Dog Bike They has all the nut and bolts to finish this up beautifully. They really do.

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  • Our buddy Kyle and the gang down in LA Golden Saddle Cyclery cooking some nice and good looking kit here. I will get one fur sure..

    You can see a few more images…HERE!

    So starting today until May 7th(Kits should be delivered 4 weeks later.) we will be doing a pre-order for the Golden Saddle Cyclery kit made by Endo Customs here in Los Angeles, CA. The jersey can be purchased in white or black(you can even buy both like I did). A unisex bib and women’s short will be offered, along with arm warmers. Key features of each piece are listed on the items page. Feel free to email kyle@goldensaddlecyclery.com with any questions. Both the women’s and men’s jerseys are race cut. I’m not saying size up, that’s just the cut. You’ll have to decide how aero you wanna be. These things aren’t cheap by any means but compared to a lot of other brands out there I’d say say we’re offering up a pretty competitive price for premium goods manufactured here in the U.S. of A. And I’m damn sure you’ll be the best looking one on the ride, making you more confident and a better cyclist. ;)

    Pre-order the…

    White Jersey…HERE!

    Black Jersey…HERE!

    Cycling Bibs…HERE! 

    Women’s Shorts…HERE!

    And Arm Warmers…HERE!

  • You just can’t get enough from Dominic Latham-Koenig on Vimeo.


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    Original post from

    It can’t come as any great surprise that we thoroughly enjoyed this article from the BBC. There is a reason that the upright bicycle is the most bicycle on the planet and has been for 125 years.

    Choose comfort over carbon. Upright safety over hunched-over speed. You’ll get there just as quick anyway. Science will back you up.

    It’s Not About the Bike – from BBC News.

    It’s a no-brainer. Cycling is good for you. It keeps you fit, gets you out in the fresh air and is kind to the environment.

    Cycling to work is more popular than ever, because it’s an easy way of fitting exercise into the daily routine and it doubles as transport.

    According to the government, “regular exercise like cycling halves your chances of suffering from heart disease, and helps to prevent strokes, diabetes, and some kinds of cancer.

    “Your blood pressure and resting heart rate will be lower, and you’ll feel more awake and less stressed.”

    And it can save a fortune. Or can it?

    Dr Jeremy Groves, a consultant anaesthetist at Chesterfield Royal Hospital and self-confessed cycling fan, discovered that, “spending a lot of money on a bicycle for commuting is not necessarily going to get you to work more quickly”.

    Dr Groves’ set up a trial to test whether his new, lightweight carbon-framed bicycle (which cost £1000) was any faster than his second-hand steel-framed bike bought for £50.

    Heavy or light?

    For six months he tossed a coin each morning to decide which bike to use – and then timed the journey.

    His study, published in the British Medical Journal, found that there was no measurable difference in commuting time over the 27 miles from Sheffield to his place of work and back.

    The average journey time using his heavy, old bike was 1 hour 47 minutes and the average journey for the new, lighter new bike was 1 hour 48 minutes.

    “A reduction in the weight of the cyclist rather than that of the bicycle may deliver great benefit at reduced cost,” the study says.

    Dr Groves declares himself “disappointed” to find out that his financial investment was giving him no extra time in bed and no less time on the road.

    “I could have invested that money in better cycle clothing and in tarting up the lights on my bike instead,” he said.

    Tax break

    His findings are also disappointing for those who have used the government’s Cycle to Work scheme to buy the bike of their dreams at a discounted price, thanks to tax exemption.

    Why invest in a Chris Boardman streamlined two-wheeler and turn into a MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra) – we all know one – if it’s not going to save a bit of time and energy?

    “It’s not always about getting there first,” says Philip Ingham from British Cycling.

    “Although lighter bikes can go more quickly, their thinner tyres make them more fragile and more vulnerable to punctures. Mountain bikes, in contrast, have big tyres, strong brakes and often feel safer to ride.”

    If given the choice between riding the heavy or light bike, Dr Groves says he would choose the former.

    “I get there just as quickly, and it is more comfortable, better value, and has more character,” he confesses.

    Sir Chris Hoy would undoubtedly take issue with his choice, but Dr Groves has a theory.

    “Evidence-based medicine shows us that brand new medication is often not much different from generic medicine – but we are tempted by the fact it’s new, so it must be better.

    “The same is true of bicycles,” he says.

    Dr Groves isn’t entirely downcast though.

    “Cycling for me is a great hobby. It gets me out in the fresh air, keeps me healthy, is carbon neutral and, provided I don’t buy any more bikes, is a cost effective way to travel.”

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    Over the years our friend Matt, Alex, Sean, and Squeckly Clean Dave had grown their interest, or shall i say, got more toys, or shall I say add more fun activity to their life. M.D.Y.C. short for “Mission Dolores Yacht Club”. Be sure to head over to their BLOG.

    I see influence of East Coast Ivy League and West Coast Hipsters..Yachting…. Love it….

    Matt and Sean on Tumblr is also a must see.

    Oh wow that the celeb Steve B from Macaframa chilin with MDYC too..

  • _mg_3653
    Yep, that’s right, Pushbike had moved to a new spot on the corner of 22nd St. and Shotwell… We were invited to their friend and family soft opening last week. Yep again, the new store is legit, bigger!! more room to show off goodies. My quick observation is that, Sarah and Ian stay trued, exactly how they first started at their old shop. They only select and offer items that good in quality, durable to use and price that broke ass messengers can buy. I picked up a Modrobes cycling trench coat for my girl. A dark grey with hood, made from recycled material that could stand a light rain for one and a half bill. Oh man, lemme say no more how much she loved it. Ok, there a lots of things going on in the City this week, and if you from out of town, you MUST go to 22nd St. and Shotwell to check Pushbike out. Holler!!


  • Cyclezine contributor, stand up dude who always passed you in most alleycat races. May you win more schwagg ths year Dirtydave!!! Love, Puck.

    Dear Dave – if there is anyone in this world who can do anything at all, it’s  you.  I hope you have the happiest birthday to date, and eat some animal and drank on some beers – and, whatever you do, keep it dirty.  Cheers! Brian.

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