• What a craftsmanship, perfecto. Yep it’s on ebay right now. It could be yours for no less than 6 thousand buck. The seller did a really great job with many detailed pics.

    Here listing info:

    Welcome to my auction !

    You are bidding on a:


    Handbuilt in Paris in 1965 by Rene Herse, highest level of craftsmanship
    by The French master builder.

    Amazing quality of brazing and Lugs.

    Seat tube : 55cm center to center
    Top tube : 55cm center to center
    Standover height 79,5cm (with 32B tyres)

    Fabulous bike, I bought it for my personal use at but now I’ve found a more suitable framesize
    and this beauty has to go.

    Frame/fork condition:
    Very good overall, Some paint chips with some corrosion only on surface.

    Original patina and just cleaned a little for pictures.

    René Herse Stem 8.5cm C/C
    René Herse double Crankset 170mm
    René Herse front rack in good condition a little corrosion
    René Herse Cable straddle yokes 
    Bell alloy wingnuts
    Maxicar hubs Super champion rims 36 spokes
    Huret luxe derailleurs
    Philippe Randonneur Handlebars 42cm width
    Lefol fenders, good condition with scratches from use.
    Mafac Raid brakes : very good condition.
    Paturaud Special toe clips
    Mafac levers
    Brooks competition saddle
    Stronglight competition headset
    Soubitez dynamo , Soubitez front light ,  Ulo rear
    Sonnett bell
    Wolber 650B 32 tyres in almost new condition

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  • cinelli-sc_1

    “Too funny to see a Cinelli listed as “NJS Style”
    …. there would be no NJS without Cinelli! Dumb asses.”

    This quote came up not too long on a discussion of recent Cinelli on ebay. I just love it…and if you don’t get it… we have an explanation from our very own CZ..

    “I think it refers to that some of the first high end track frames the Japanese saw were Cinellis used in the 1964 olympics in Tokyo. Konno (3Rensho) learned his technique and inspiration from unbrazing the bikes that were left behind. Cinelli and the Italian style was a massive influence on early Japanese track bikes, particularly those that were being made when NJS certification began and continues to this day.”

    Ha, I bet someone is real mad right now…. (intended to be sarcasm)

  • Jan 1 2010 hits and I think to myself, this would be a great year to stop spending money on things I don’t need. Perhaps save some dough for my yet to be born (or conceived) children’s college fund. Well, auctions like this tell me I’m going to have a hell of a time.

    1970 Herse CycloCamping on eBay

    Extremely rare Herse 1970 Cyclo-camping bicycle in expensive Vitus tubing 50 cm c to c seat tube, top tube 54,5 cm c to c.. Amazing back carriers with beautiful Sologne bags The bike is uncleaned and presented in genuine as found condition, the paintwork is like new Beautiful lugwork, ideally set off by the black and gold paint. Parts are very nice : Huret Luxe front and back, Philippe professionnel bars, Philippe stem, Ad-Hoc bell, Stronglight cranks with TA 48/32 chainrings. Mafac cantilevers, RH carriers front and back, Lyotard pedals, Cibie dynamo, lights most likely non-original. Wheels : Normandy, Super Champion 650 good logos, Bell wing nuts at the front, Bell nuts at the back. Lefol Le Paon mudgurads, excellent condition. Very nice example of an early 70s RH in truly excellent condition, it’s rare to find paintwork in such good condition. The bike has great style in this colour combination, and with the very rare rear low-slung bags Ready to ride, except for the original but not road-worthy Wolber Super Randonneurs Some parts appear earlier than 1970, but it was not uncommon for buyers to ask RH for a bike with older parts still in stock in shop, or parts taken from a favourite bicycle. I believe this bike left the RH shop in 1970 as it is now. Postage by priority airmail to US/ Japan/ Australia : 250 euros Payment : Paypal please. I always group postage for separate items. Postage is paid for by the buyer, who becomes the legal owner of the object when it leaves my premices.

  • dsc_051
    Quite rarely have I seen R.H. bikes offered on the ebay supermarket, but a very well informed listing on ebay is much, much harder to find these days. I am reposting the listing here along with 39 detailed pictures of the bike, yes 39 posted by the seller. I hope whoever won this bike will at least know what he or she is getting in the mail, precisely. I must admit, I on occasion find myself trapped and very disappointed on the over saturated listing, with photo-shop photos. I hope this kind of detail information appears more often, well for $3K bikes anyway. Alright folks, who is going to get this bike? I know I would if it’s a 53square…

    You want to click once on each pic, then click it again for large view….check it out, the pics are very well taken and clear, dam!

    Here is the description from the listing…

    Extremely rare R Herse of the late 40s 56,5 cm c to c seat tube, top tube 55,5 cm c to c. Fully chomed model, will need rechroming, but there is no deep pitting, so this should be no problem Vitus tubing as used for the top RHs for 1947/48/49. Blue lining and lettering. The bike is presented in unrestored, uncleaned, barn find authentic condition Pelissier plume (feather) hubs to Mavic 650 rims RH stem (incorrect bolts) Ideale 44 saddle Cyclo RD Originally the bike would have had a single chainring, it would look great with TA/Stronglight and a Martele chainguard (nice braze-ons present) R Herse brakes, Mafac cable hangers possibly original Front carrier nice but non-original, braze-ons and blue losange of paint added to front fork. Similar modification to back dynamo braze-on. Check out the last three photos. Martele mudguards Very nice restoration project, the lugwork on this bike as often on the expensive chrome models is beautifully crisp and sharp, filed down with a lot of skill and man hours. This is one of big differences between a mass-produced bike and a hand-built, but also between a mediocre hand-built and a good one. I hope the photos do justice to the workmanship Postage by priority airmail to US/ Japan/ Australia : 250 euros Payment : Paypal please. I always group postage for separate items. Postage is paid for by the buyer, who becomes the legal owner of the object when it leaves my premices.

    eBay lisiting of the bike
    rhclassics eBay Page

  • This time “Seen on Ebay” is going to take a bit of a serious turn to help out someone who really needs it. Members of the Road Bike Review Lounge came together to build up this classy Ciocc to help out Collin Marsh, who on November 24th of last year was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia at only seven months old.

    Help Out Little Collin Marsh By Bidding On This Great Bike

    Help Out Little Collin Marsh By Bidding On This Great Bike

    All proceeds of this auction will go to Collin’s family to help pay for medical bills associated with his treatment.


    Collin’s complete story can be found at Caring Bridge where the family has set up a site. This site requires registration, but this only takes a couple minutes. From there you can contact the family and also send donations.

    Either way, put in a bid or two, it goes to a great cause.

    Our thoughts are with you and your family Collin.

    Auction can be found here.

  • Well hello there CycleZine readers. It’s been some time. But my absence has not been in vain. I’ve been working on several bike related projects which I will (hopefully) soon share with ya’ll. At any rate, I’d like to start my return with another installment of “Seen On Ebay”.


    This installment highlights another gem on eBay France [archive link]. Something that would be at home with cycling enthusiasts and avid Franklin Mint collectors alike. I present to you, the History of the Tour De France as told in an elegant series of 12 10 commemorative china plates.

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  • Well hello there! It's been some time since our last installment of Seen On Ebay and since today is Father's Day, I've found the perfect gift! Because I know that our 4 faithful readers not only seek out the latest in cycling trends, but at least one of you has a dad and probably hasn't gotten him a gift yet. So without further ado, I present you with:

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  • TDF Officials Car

    Once again, leave it to the French to class up something as simple as the die cast toy car.

    [mbspremium slideshow=1]

    This is no Nascar, B.S., but actual TDF die cast, hot wheels style cars. The are all here. The mechanics car, the race directors ride, the media car, the radio car, even the little yellow bus that picks up the quitters. So throw away your crappy Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt and get your hands one these.

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  • Never has the old adage of “I get it for the articles” been more appropriate. Check out this August 1971 issue of Playboy found on eBay. It features some pretty sweet…err, bikes.

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  • Welcome to the first post of what I hope will be a regular “column” here on CycleZine- Seen on eBay.

    I spend (read: waste) a good portion of my life on ebay and come across some pretty amazing cycling stuff. I’m not taking about some “rare” ruby filled colnago, painted with the blood of Ernesto himself. Nope, this stuff is much better. It’s the kitsch, the memorabilia, the ephemera.

    Junk to others, gold to us.

    So for this first installment, I give you Cycling Vinyl…

    When it comes to cycling kitsch, no one outdoes the French. They have it all, including “fight songs” for the Tour de France.

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