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  • In a couple of week CMWC 2011 Warsaw, July 27th have fun guys…

  • I couldn’t agree more with you homie. Many will not notice it’s the small thing that help the economy flow. Some city like Bangkok, streets are flocked with motorbike messengers deliveries everything from bag o rice to karats of diamond.

    A year ago, Chas Christiansen, 25, had a problem many people around the country faced — he was out of a job. A veteran courier, he and former coworkers looked at how their peers in other parts of the world made a living by riding bicycles. Starting off as an informal venture between Christiansen and a friend, TCB Courier was created to take bike messengers out of the financial center of San Francisco, delivering court filings and other legal documents, and into the cultural center in the Mission District. Now, whether a customer wants a cheesesteak, a bottle of wine or even a pair socks, TCB Courier is, as Christiansen says, making it easy for “people to be lazy at 4 a.m.”

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  • TCB Courier: Pizza + Candy from Joe Lumbroso on Vimeo.

    Only in San Francisco where a bicycle Courier service had it’s own televise commercial… well televised on internet for now anyway.. Super Rad.. Cyclezine like TCB Courier