Get them here before it's gone. Last batch sold out in one day!!!!


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  • from Taylor mccutchan via Chicks and Bikes

  • Zip it!

    EWW posted up some amazing photo from Keirin race at Northbrook Velodrome on his Flickr Set. So Amazing.. I can feel the heat!!!


  • Well, if you live in San Francisco long enough you will kind of smile and giggle from the comments. I wasn’t cool enough to date her…. coming to major US cities near you..haha
    Seen it from Tracko Art by Mike Giant.

  • ridelife

    more info HERE


  • As promised – I have uploaded another twenty pictures from a visit to Cycle Square. Last month we went over to Cycle Square in Tokyo to check out the spot and see Erik’s exhibition.
    Cycle Square is in Sendagaya, which not too far from Shinjuku and a bit north of Shibuya. It’s a quieter neighborhood, surrounded by several parks and garden such as Shinjuku Gyoen National garden, Yoyogi Park and Aoyama Cemetery.  A very tranquil place to be.

    The inside Cycle Square is like a bike nut’s heaven. No - you can’t buy anything here, but there is an array of bicycle objects which blends in with interiors all around 360 degree.  So what is this Bicycle Square is all about?  Think of it as a super-specific Cycling Lounge.  It’s where you come and get a cup of coffee, a bite of cake, maybe some lunch, read magazine, get information about bike ride, see listing of bike events, rent a bike, learn about health care as bike rider, and get a massage, yes there you can get a full on athlete massage pamper session.   Most of all, though, is that this is a real place where people can come together and socialize, similar to the internet but a lot better since it involves face-to-face interactions inside a plush environment that is catered to your love of the bike.  The interior feels very comfortable; there is a concierge lady that will help guide you on cycling topics. Servers and the barista on duty are friendly. Dishes served there look real nice, I think in the menu there’s even the all important Nutrition Facts listed. Very healthy looking place, I tell you.

    The Art show that Erik set up there had us all stunned. Erik’s exhibition on the first 4 years of CMWC was very well put up. Collections of manifests, t-shirts, photos and small schwags were nicely presented.  Each item seemed so special, and to see them all together was very impressive.  Erik’s collection grows on and on, and it is his dedication to preserving the past that provides us all with a bit of a guiding light towards the future.

    Here’s slide show of the set…

    I really glad we stop by to check out the show, the cake was so goood…..

  • NYC Drag Race- Lucas Brunelle from paddy conroy on Vimeo.

    Ha!! I finally found it!!! Another old VDO that worth mentioning…..On of the best bike movie I’ve ever seen. I am pumped every time I see it. I remember I saw this movie in bike film festival years ago. I still remember it be one of the few movies in BFF that I did not pass out. This is just one of the movies by Lucas Brunelle. Amazing!!!

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  • October 1 - Art Opening, Cafe Royale @ Post St.

    October 1 - Art Opening, Cafe Royale @ Post St.

    If you are free tonight we’d love to see you at this art opening.  Cafe Royale is a nice little wine and beer bar with a great pool table and neat old tiled floors, and they’ve offered their walls to our good friends at The Loin. 

    Nathan Lee, CycleZine’s own master-blaster of the web, will be showing a series of designs.  We can’t wait to see them, and if it is anything like  the now famous “I (crash) SF” shirt that he worked on with Tori, they will be selling like hot cakes in no time.  Mostly, though, we really love a chance to applaud for one of our friends when they get a nice show like this.  Let’s all celebrate the achievements of a good and righteous dude.

    We’re very excited about this, and hope to see you all there.  Cheers!

    The Details...

    The Details...

  • I don’t know what your thought about this snap. But to me, it’s all about breaking the barrier.. do thing that you want to do, break the rule, and b bad boy some time…. hope you all having a nice week. Sorry if our posting has been short and mostly party schedule and events.. look like an endless summer isn’t it? This picture is also for all the boy at Box Dog Bikes!!

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  • buy cigarettes

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    Tonight at Sports Basement on Bryant Street San Francisco. 15 years of DFL Cycrocross Racing photo show. Did I say photo of  cross dressed riders? Yep… DFL cross racing is $3 to race but free if you cross dressed.  So show up and have a beer or two.. also look for raffle tickets for Zo bag there… all proceed go to their 88 Temple pilgrimage in Japan next month.. you get  a Zo bag for $8.88….. and thanks Ginger for posing in the picture…

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