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  • I remember saw these guys passed by in Golden Gate Park the other day. Work day fun day.

    Here’s their story in our city.. Morning Ride to the Beach

    Bike to the Beach 14

    With the Bike to the Beach bag launching online this month, Kirby Stenger, one of our wonderful Alite photographers, decided that we needed to shoot the actual “bike to the beach” morning ride that inspired the creation of the bag.  So we got together in the Panhandle one morning and set our sights onTrouble Coffee, a fantastic coffee shop in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset neighborhood.  Offering some of the absolute best coffee and toast in SF, as well as a unique, comfortable parklet in which to sit and enjoy your morning caffeine fix, Trouble Coffee was the first business to bring fame to this now heavily visited block on Judah Street.  If you pedal there through Golden Gate Park, you will have the opportunity to pass such amazing SF landmarks as the Conservatory of Flowers, the De Young Museum, Bison Paddock, Stow Lake Boathouse, the Dutch Windmill, and finally, Ocean Beach!  Check out our photos from our ride below… We hope it inspires you to set the ol’ alarm clock an hour early and squeeze in a morning ride yourself!

    And if you live in SF, Trouble Coffee is located at 4033 Judah Street.  We recommend pedaling to the Panhandle, taking John F. Kennedy Drive all the way to The Great Highway, riding down the coastline, then turning on Judah.  Trouble Coffee is a few blocks up.  And please remember to try the toast.  You’ll thank us.

    Bike to the Beach Bag - 1

    Bike to the Beach - 2

    Bike to the Beach - 3

    …through the Panhandle…

    Bike to the Beach 5

    Bike to the Beach 6

    Bike to the Beach 7

    …past the De Young…

    Bike to the Beach 8

    Bike to the Beach 9

    Bike to the Beach 10

    …pitstop at Stow Lake…

    Bike to the Beach 11

    Bike to the Beach 12

    Bike to the Beach 13

    Bike to the Beach 15

    …and this is pre-coffee…

    Bike to the Beach 16

    Bike to the Beach 17

    …down the coastline…

    Bike to the Beach 18

    Bike to the Beach 19

    …morning reflection…

    Bike to the Beach 20

    Bike to the Beach 21

    Bike to the Beach 22

    Bike to the Beach 23

    …follow the Great Highway south…

    Bike to the Beach 24

    Bike to the Beach 25

    Bike to the Beach 27

    …Trouble Coffee…

    Bike to the Beach 26

    Bike to the Beach 29

    …and now, on to the office…

    You can still pick up one of the Bike to the Beach bags here.

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  • Ran into Tori last week and so hype to see our friend take another step to initiate a business. It’s pedalcap ice cream joint. here’s web site and go check her out ok.

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  • mybikemycity

    I probably posted this pic before, but what da.. someone just liked it on my decade old Flickr.

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  • This is a re-post from Brooks England’s blog..

    Rivendell Bike Works will be popping up this weekend. (Photo Manny Acosta)

    Aficionados of the lugged steel frame game know that it’s not just among serious Lord Of The Rings fans that the name Rivendell can conjure an eye-twinkle, followed by the immediate desire on the part of those within earshot to start feverishly exchanging trivia on the subject.


    Since establishing his company twenty years ago, Rivendell‘s commander-in-chief Grant Petersen has continually produced bicycles with which their eventual owners tend to develop a rare type of bond, one that goes far beyond the conventional attachment most other riders have towards their machines.

    So naturally, when a pair of Rivendell owners get together, there’s going to be some Bike Talk.

    There may also be Book Talk. Grant released his first bicycle book, “Just Ride”, last year to enthusiastic reviews. He kindly gave us a piece for this year’s Brooks Bugle with the background story of its publication.

    And let’s not forget that the still-available back issues of his Rivendell Reader can, as ever, be mined both for good advice and sheer pleasure by anyone with even a remote interest in bikes, honesty or fine sentences.

    Brooks saddles and Rivendell frames have plenty of shared history on the road.

    Of course, none of this is breaking news by any means, but we do have some information this morning that in a couple of years’ time could figure in a Rivendell Trivia Quiz.

    When and where did the first ever Rivendell Pop-Up store take place?

    From June 1st to June 9th, Grant and his team are temporarily setting up shop at a location in the Mission District of San Francisco. Depending on how things work out, they might even stay a bit longer.

    Apart from being able to see first hand some of the most thoughtfully designed lugged steel frames available anywhere, visitors to the Rivendell Pop-Up will also be able to get their hands on special coupons, limited run Rivendell posters, and maybe even a cup of coffee.

    Plans for a couple of giveaways and some secret (oops) super-deals are also in the pipeline. But don’t tell anyone you heard it from us…

    And if you’re lucky, one of Rivendell’s premiere wheel builders Rick Lesnik might be on hand when you drop in, to show you how it’s really done.

    The superb Hunqapillar poster, left, and right, 2012′s Rivendell-Goines “collabo”.

    These won’t be the only Wheels of Steel instore, though. We’ve been given to understand that a soothing soundtrack of the finest lugged Swedish jazz will serve as musical accompaniment to guests for at least a portion of the shop’s opening hours.

    You have been warned.

    Rivendell Bicycle Works SF
    June 1st through 9th
    12pm – 7pm
    3156 24th Street San Francisco, CA 94110 ‎

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  • Alps Toei

    Well then, No post for half a year. I have been spend a lot of time dialing in my bikes. Here is one of them, the 1980 Alps 650A touring bike that I acquired from an old friend Lek couple years ago. Recently outfitted with Nitto Campee low rider rack for 700c, along with pannier bags, saddle bag and front bag by Ostrich. When loaded, I can feel the bike hugging on the asphalt on the cushy 38mm Panaracer tires. I am really happy with the current build. We will see how it go when I take it out.

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  • SMSS

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  • Just read this from MASH. I am repost this here. Support our friend Cheuy!!!!

    We are receiving late news that our friend Kachusha Munkanita is in need of legal support. He is one of the most peaceful people we have met, so when a story was published about his arrest, the bike community took notice. In short, he was arrested for watching 3 young people being arrested in the Mission, and wanting advocate for their saftey.

    The least we can do is help gather resources for when he needs them. We are offering our Histogram Cap, with 100% of the profit (about $7 each) going to help support legal fees Chuey will incur.

    Help support this local hero in the simplest form, and Get a cap. Once an additional fund raising event has been organized, we will post it here.

    We will update you once we know more.

    Photo: Takashi

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