Welcome to CycleZine!

If you haven’t yet noticed, it’s a BLOG. But that’s not important, what is important is that at some point someone (hopefully one of our contributors) will write a very witty “About” page to replace this sub par one.

However, I do feel a quick introduction to your authors is in order – so without further ado:


Puck – Blog Mastermind and Creator. Moulton owner and snappy dresser.  Likes: utility, peace, quiet, slowness, fashion, esoteric jazz music, rigid aesthetic taste.  Dislikes: loudmouths, loud colors, cold coffee, warm beer, meanspiritedness, improperly prepared steak, closemindedness.  Puck has lived around the world and brings to the table a wide and wonderful view of things, always with a proper twist.  A true diplomat, Puck’s bicycle collection is like a model United Nations: he’s got representatives from all the major countries as well as the lesser known ones!  Dutch bike, check.  Colnago pista, check.  Paramount P14, check.  Merckx Roadie, check.  International jet-set!


Brian- Our humble editor – he puts the B in “Subtle”.  We keep him handcuffed and out of the sunlight so he won’t wither, and invite him out only for 10 minutes each day to handle our deletions, additions, and corrections.  Favorite past time: mimicing little-kid voices.


William- A young go-getter with a taste in fine bicycles that will rival that of the pickiest snobs out there. Lover of all things BOBish and future owner of an Ebisu, his tastes range widely from the true track bike to touring to freight/cargo to road.  William is here to provide ride reports, mechanical how-to, and opinions relating to bicycles and how useful they are.  He’s got a keen eye for what works, and an even keener eye for what is pretty.  William’s major accomplishment in his life is that of teaching a fish to tapdance – not only did the finned-friend learn the technically challenging routine, but he wowed the entire vaudville circuit way back in 1924 and received a medal of honor from the president. 


Nathan- aka The Brain, aka Hawking, aka Nathan.  A modern day David as played by Mathew Broderick in War Games. Did I mention he can out pedal just about anyone, did I? Cause he can, and if you don’t believe me, bring it. Also known for his insanely delicious baked goods, Nathan is a smiley kind of fellow with a real desire to make this world a delightful place. 


Sean- Cranky old man awaiting his vintage days in a mid 30′s body. Sean possesses, among other attributes, a strange affinity for everything esoteric about cycling, including the confusing world of French (and Swiss!) cycling. Also has quite a fondness for vintage graphics and packaging. Not the dresser that Puck is, not the wordsmith that Brian pretends [edited by Brian] to be, barely on par when it comes to William’s taste and can’t hold a flashlight to Nathan’s computer skills — though he fills in the holes.  He also wears many hats: Vintage wool, bowler, sombrero, yarmulke, pillbox, classic baseball, flat brimmed Huf, as well as the plain old mesh trucker cap with a PBR patch.  Sean is a true Renaissance man.

So, there is just a taste of the dudes who make this place what it is.  We feel that this collection of people provides for a nice sampling of different viewpoints, as well as their differing tastes when it comes to bicycles make for varied content.  While we cannot promise to always stay on subject, we can safely say that we plan to post only the most thoughtful of stories and will primarily attempt to focus on the details that are often overlooked.  This is a very small world wide web, though we feel like there is a small sliver of space that only we can fill.

We have more to tell you about ourselves, but we are more worried about getting good content up here for your perusal so this “About” page is always going to be a work in progress that will most likely never find any completion!  Until then, please take solace in the fact that there are much more pressing issues in the world. Did Kristen Dalton really have plastic surgery, and who really paid for it? Will Susan Boyle, just go away? Will the appearance of swine flu bring back designer masks ala SARS?  Why in the hell is that “Pizza Bagel” jingle from the commercials still stuck in our heads, years after its expiration?  So many questions. I bet after reading all these you have totally forgotten about the whole About page thing, right? Err…..


images from least wanted’s flickr, an absolutely smashing resource!


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