• When my buddy Sam told me he had to show up for a tv show with a bicycle. I was like, ok.. why?  Then I saw this beauty.. Parlee.. carbon all tricked out. It has been a while that I would go Shit! dam son.. what had you done? So light… 4.7 kilo… 10.36 lb !!!

    This bike was builded up for the lust of the lightest to the highest baller of all mother frame and components.. sheeeez.

    Ok back to business.. this Parlee is equipped with skinny components from THM , ax-lightness and Sram.

    Dang ya gotta have a carbon bracket wall mounts for this bike… Happy riding yo..

  • from Taylor mccutchan via Chicks and Bikes

  • Our friend from Archival Clothing just posted about her recently acquired Vanilla on the blog. I am so drool over all the little details that had been carefully crafted on the bike.

    “Acquiring the Vanilla was a bit like mail ordering from the future. I submitted a deposit in 2006 and took delivery in September 2010. The bike is a bit of a Rivendell remake (more Herzog’s Nosferatu, less Van Sant’s Psycho). I switched over from 650b to 700c tires, requested lighter weight tubing and integrated lights, rack and fenders. Sacha White, the bike’s builder, was kind enough to borrow a mandrel to give my front fork a nice, low radius bend (à la française).”


    Be sure to head over and really see it for your self. HERE!!! And don’t blame me if you start to fancy all the goodies at their Online Store. cos they are real gem.


  • So so bloody cute.. Cheers andCheers!!

  • International Bike by Kinfolk
    International Bike by Kinfolk

    Nice one from Kinfolk. I wonder which bag maker would make travel case that suitable for this beauty. I myself been thinking about SS Coupling, for my Moulton seat tube!

  • Jack Taylor name came up quite a bit lately on the inter-web. Jack Taylor Cycles is not new, but a very well respected bicycle company in the UK that made bicycle for many decades.

    I can definitely says, all my friends are riding JT, yep, Mark, Adam Sean, and Zo, all JT. Time fly, but I remember back in 08 when our friend Zo went to UK to say good bye to the Late Norman Taylor. I added here some pics of JT work that came from a recent discussion on SFFIXED board. and Jack Taylor Flickr Group
    If you have not done so, then I suggest you head over to Jack Taylor Cycles to read a bit more of JT history of how the three brothers came about with Jack Taylors Cycles.. very interesting and well informed.


  • RED BULL MINI DROME TRAILER from Ladoja & Sons on Vimeo.

    Wow…awesome.. I like how Redbull sponsored such a wicket drome. Redbull, available worldwide, originated in Thailand, partnered with Aussie, sponsored shit load of events, NASCAR, football, drifted car, boat drag, an owner of F1 Racing team… we need you to own a cycling team too….
    holler Tracko

  • Fine Brew from San Francisco
    I was able to process some of much awaited and logged up photo from last year.. this one has many meaning since I moved away from SF half a year ago.

    This pic of SF home brew brought back many nice memories, of life and friends in SF. I remember, I start drinking this Liberty Ale because a friend told me, it’s the beer that took the least amount of petrol to transport from brewery to liquor store on the corner 16th and Valencia.. actually, that was Zo who told me that. I thought that’s kind of cool…. cheers

  • Ok. this some what e-moped/step through bicycle hybrid…. looking at it just giving me all the wonder.. What’s it like to be hugging while pedaling….
    Hope you had a nice long long vacation and holiday with your love ones….
    I think this snap is for Made In Brunel 2011
    Holla JonB.

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  • 2010 had been an awesome year to all of us here at Cyclezine.net . We want to thanks our readers that subscribed to our site. Thanks to everyone that contributed to this site and thanks to all our bikenut friends that help share us their passion.  Me and everyone at Cyclezine want to wish everyone around the World a Happy Happy New Year!!!