• Ok lets start with this unconventional looking/design bike. A 16lbs with custom aero bars and front hub and homemade brakes. Look almost no brake right? Thanks Adam for posting brake porn on San Francisco Fixed Gear Forum.. cocky aey… but man… this is a really cool for you kid that will eventually get yourself a friklin BRAKE..

    Adam posted an array of brake from long time ago steel to today carboner. I couldn’t help thinking about first semester physic, remember friction? Remember deceleration? Remember moment of inertia? Remember gravity? Then material science, static, dynamic.. ok ok.. many thanks to Sir Isaac Newton that proved the Law long time ago and greasy hand machinist (like dirty dave) … here we have shit load of BRAKE PORN !!!

    (sorry if we couldn’t give you more info on some of these brakes. It’s because we prefer you to look that shit up yourselves. We do not endorse or profit or advertise any particular manufacture or individual here on Cyclezine…) not yet anyway… gimme a carboner brakes for my moulton!!! enjoy braking…

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    Definitely go and read more story at Prolly

    Flickr Photos

    Always Hollerr.. Tracko

  • YES BRO!! TCB Courier in association with Team Murder are throwing a race !!

    Sunday August 22nd 2010 start location TBA

    3 races 1 day

    Registration starts at 11 races at noon

    Race 1 : One handed up Hill Climb (one block, riders will be timed, best time wins)

    Race 2 : The Cup Crit (rider is given a 40 oz cup, five stops, at each stop the rider can get 1 “cup” of liquid, rider whom finishes first with the most liquid in his/her cup wins, awards for most liquid total an most creative way of caring your liquid)

    Race 3: Mission Scramble, 20 Check points 45 mins, can u make them all? (racer with the most done in the time limit wins)

    All races will be in the Mission! Castro, 16th St, Potrero, and Cesar Chavez, no long board.. ANY BIKE IS WELCOME!!!! there will be prizes for top fixed gear , but …. one handed hill climb on a 48×17 HARSH!!

    20 $ entry fee, gets u 3 races a party, and a pair of Vans, yes thats right the first 40 odd people who enter will get a brand new pair of Vans.. pretty cool

    The entry fee is going to benefit the LA – ATL ride that three SF scumbags (myself included) and Portland wierdo are leaving for on Sept 10th from LA , we ride to compete in the NACCC’s in ATL Oct 8th -12th .. Money goes to food and what not for our trip. Repp’n SF in the NACCC’s!!!

    So yea sponsors are as of yet

    Mission Bikes
    TCBC (custom TCB Bag up for grabs)

    and many many more TBA

    So come get loose!!!

  • paramouts

    128 Posted this pic of our Paramounts, the SF Paramount Club, Brian P14, Yuko P14, Joshua P13 curvy seat tube and mine P14…taken sometime ago near Albion Alley.. my P14 has been to many places with me around the world….making me missed the good old time and SF home….

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  • Back in the day in 2005

    I know we always name calling, and Zo name came up a lot on Cyclezine. Well, I came across this pic I took when I first went to Zo artshow in San Francisco, not too long after I got my first Zo bag for 3 bills… and yes, that was in 05.. I don’t remember if I ever post this pic online, but hella, I miss you E….

    here are some good blog about Zo Bag on Archival clothing blog and try Google Zo bag. You will find lots of history behind our friend here, the Pioneer of all thing well made by hand messenger bag . or on Ebay..

    ….. thank you for the friendship, thank you for all the beer and blunt we shared, and thank you for all the bags that still look new after all these years

    Zo Sewing...

  • Zip it!

    EWW posted up some amazing photo from Keirin race at Northbrook Velodrome on his Flickr Set. So Amazing.. I can feel the heat!!!

  • Now now now.. this is what I like!!! 15K bike porn!!! oh man…. WW had a nice review factory write up review with manufacture process and road test. On the side note, I really like Cycling Tip Blog, beautiful photo and write up. Make sure to add that to list k.

    AND Only if i have 15 bunch stashed somewhere……