• I guess when these boys are not working, they ride their bikes from SF to Portland.. nice one Steve, Chas and Josh….

    more complete coverage of their journey can be found on Incase blog.

  • Curious what San Francisco bike messengers used for work? Here go, our buddy Joshua captured these fine work machines over the years at the Status, Bush and Market messenger lougin spot… thanks dude…man I missed hanging out there….

  • Hello all.
    The Africat will be benefiting a program that sends bicycles to, and trains mechanics in, disadvantaged communities in Africa, with the aim of improving quality of life for the recipients. All of the profits gained from entry fees etc. will be sent to provide local people with the bicycle, something that they ordinarily would not have access to. Bikes, because of their swiftness and practicality, would not only make access to clean water and other necessities easier, but would also, if given to healthcare workers, allow people who would ordinarily languish outside the range of local doctors to be treated.
    As for the route (no spoilers), the race would pass through Berkeley and Oakland, and will, hopefully, be challenging and fun for all you racers out there.
    Save the date!
    Will P

  • Sorry if this is a non bike post but No, Bangkok is not burned to ground. Small part of it is burned by small group of selfish politicians. I have a perfect write up below of what is happening. A much better word than mine, because I am speechless…. now time to clean up the mess.

    To all my dear freind overseas,

    You probably know what has happened in Thailand especially yesterday. You probably realize that there are no photos or response from your Thai friends in Thailand . Why? It is simply because we were all shocked and closely followed the news since early morning.

    Yesterday, we, Bangkokians, were frightened as we woke up and saw Bangkok sky covered with huge black clouds. It was not the haze or cumolonimbus; in fact it was the smoke from fire. Until now, 35 buildings were set on fire by the mob, banks, government offices, commercial buildings, homes, even TV 3 station (they still cannot have anything on), etc. It happened in most major corners of Bangkok , you name it…Ratchaprasong, Ratchadamri, Rama 1, Pratunam, Victory Monument , Silom, Saladaeng. Allow me to inform you with my broken heart that our beautiful and landmarks Zen, Central World, Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Discovery, Siam Square are all gone under fire. Some spots are still burning. It is not because the firemen did not do their job. The true fact is they could not reach these places on time as they were stopped, shot and attacked by M79 and all kinds of bullets. Right now, Zen has collapsed, Siam Cenema in Siam Square about to collapse,
    Central World also about to collapse at any time. We saw the bad intention groups put gas tanks everywhere and open fire. We saw these people threw torches towards the buildings just to set up fire. And, this is only about the fire.

    The Dusit Thani Hotel completely closed as the building was attacked by M79 and RPG by red-shirted demonstrators. Two floors, 5th and 17th, were on fire. No, it is not enough, these ill-intention groups continue raided and set fire to City Hall of Ubontatchathani , Udonthani, Mukdaharn,Khon Kaen. Tyre burning is seen everywhere, not only in Bangkok but also other provinces in the North, the Northease and the East including Chiang Mai, Nonthaburi, Ayuthaya, Chonburi. 23 provinces were under severe state of emergency and curfew.

    CNN and BBC including foreign newspapers are biased and distorted the fact. Their reporters are indeed ignorant and want to give wrong information to the world. Right now only Al Jazeera and Antara are reporting the true fact. The Thai people are writing complaint letters and open letters to these media, we also gave clips as evidence of their lies.

    So,if you see something by your local dailies or newsreports, please remember that the majority of the Thai people hate Thaksin Shinawatra who is the criminal and on escape of corruption jail term; the same Thaksin Shinawatra who said he would come back to Thailand as the President; the same Thaksin Shinawatra who wants to topple the monarchy. We have numbers of clips as strong evidence to show to the world that he and his red-shirted supporters intend to harm the monarchy. No other people but the Thais will understand why and how and how much we love our King. Foreigners do not understand it and that the reason why foreign reporters always write negatively about our King.

    Please remember that the majority of the Thai people do not support the red shirt. We understand their problems but we cannot be held hostages in our homes by these demonstrators for two months. (Regarding this matter, the Human Rights groups did not ask us, the Bangkokians, what we fees and how we survive; they only gave extreme sympathy to those demonstrators who barred us from office and normal way of living.)

    The majority of the Thai people may not disagree with some points by the government and PM Abhisit but we fully support them for all the measures based on international standard to end the crisis. Most importantly, our army and police do not kill people in purpose as claimed by Thaksin, red-shirted leaders and some “want to make themselves look good” NGOs, and academics. In fact, the authorities, not only the armymen and the police but also the rescue team were attacked, assaulted and fired by all kinds of weapons.

    Dear friends, I really appreciate your concern and your kind words from phone conversation, through sms and e-mail messages rendered to me since the beginning of the crisis. Please accept my heart-felt gratitudes to all of you.


    Photo from Ben’s Flickr

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  • Gazelle 1925 from Gazelle Bicycles Australia on Vimeo.

    ok, more like Bangkok, I am glad I get to keep one of my Gazelle (in the boat heading to China right now) I don’t think my 2003 my Gazelle is copper dipped like in the vdo, but all the parts still look the same. How cool is that, since a long time ago.

    One tip for changing the rear tire for fully dressed Gazelle. You want to lay the bike down on the right. Loosen only left side nut. Then you can pull the left rear triangle with enough gap to replace the tire, or tube. Please don’t bother to undress the rear shirt… it’s just not classy…

    in San Francisco you can get them at My Dutch Bike.

  • “While there’s no denying the sheer eye-candy appeal of the 21 bikes currently on display at NYC’s Museum of Art and Design, the show goes beyond the glossy frames, contoured leather seats, and clever accessories, delving into the intensive craftsmanship that drives the growing rebirth of the trade.

    Called “Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle,”

    ….read more see more at COOL HUNTING


  • This year is going to be fun…. I heard there will be many side events along in parallel with TOC… Stay tune…
    Click for more detail route.

  • Meet at South Park at 1pm on Sat May 15.
    Start at 2pm. Bicycle Scavenger Hunt masterminded by Super Mike, guaranteed to be epic! Bring yer thinking caps! This is a 2 person team race. First place team gets $500 CASH. Other prizes available, some will be hidden around the city with clues leading to them! Prepare to ride all night for the win!
    Bring a camera and $20 entry. Camera necessary for documenting stops.. If you are going to participate, email: grublin@hotmail.com with both teammates names, label it 24 hour scavenger hunt or something akin. If you don’t email prior you might not get to participate as there will be stuff to prepared for each team. If anyone is from out of town and needs a partner or a there might be some space 1st come first serve. Show up at 1pm at South Park as the race will start promptly at 2.
    Mike did one of these a few years back, if anyone remembers… it was super fun and you don’t have to ride fast to win.
    posting this for him, so more details to come….
    Sunday May 16 at 2pm end party at bar Benders at 19th and South Van Ness.


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