• Yeah, I know, I know,…. it’s tomorrow, CRITICAL MASS, last dam friday of every month, 6pm, Justin Hermann Plaza.. be well, and ride your bike. I support CM, I know my friends been going to CM for years, ask Erik Zo….


  • This Sunday it will be great…. I am so glad I get to be at Cupertino bike swap again. Last year was awesome. We love going there, barter, find obscure Campy parts, see old friends, make new friends, buy Hetchin and Schwinn Paramount bikes…. ha… see you tomorrow, bring lots of money too…


    Cupertino Bike Shop

    10493 South de Anza Blvd.

    Cupertino, California
    (408) 255-2217

    Sunday April 25th, 2010
    10am – 4 pm

    Event URL: http://cupertinobikeshop.com/swapmeet.html

    Benefits ROMP (Responsible Organized Mountain Pedalers)

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  • spokecards1

    These are refreshing….. saw it from Tracko.  Follow more on this Flikr set…

    ” So far from Left Top:
    Main event logo by I Love Dust - www.ilovedust.com/
    Mimic – Big Boy www.flickr.com/photos/mimicdesign/
    Tristan Savage - www.flickr.com/photos/savage_pictorial/
    Pseudonym – LEX - www.flickr.com/photos/wearepseudonym/
    George Crick - web.mac.com/georgecrickdesigns/georgecrickdesigns/Home.html
    Pseudonym – PNUT - www.flickr.com/photos/wearepseudonym/
    My Dog Sighs - www.flickr.com/photos/mydogsighs/
    Mr Kemp - www.flickr.com/photos/mrkemp/
    StuART - www.flickr.com/photos/stuartart/
    Ashley John – BA Illustration Student www.ashleyjohnillustration.blogspot.com/
    Roberta Collins – BA Illustration Student
    Thomas Keegan – BA Illustration Student - www.tkillustration.co.uk/
    Karina Nyss – BA Illustration Student www.flickr.com/photos/karina_nyss/
    David Booth - www.illustrationbooth.com/
    Ken Leung - www.indigenousindustries.com/
    Emily Regan - www.emilyjregan.com/
    Guilherme Caldas - www.flickr.com/photos/candyland_comics/
    Captain Dave - www.mushroominthebox.com/
    I Love Dust - www.ilovedust.com/
    Website - www.loveyourbikeportsmouth.co.uk/

  • Frame famous builder Bruce Gordon has a quite an amazing looking 650B Ranonneur up at the recent San Diego Custom Bicycle Show 2010. We found more detailed photograps on Flickr to show here. Thumb up for the carbon tubing jigged with purty lugswork… I start to like the carbon a bit more and more now….

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  • m60_3q_zoom

    Sir Alex Moulton just celebrate his 90th birthday last week….

    ….Happy Birthday Sir..

    Seeing this new F-frame  from Moulton website quite an exciting rebirth of the  F-frame… stainless steel!!…

    not sure if it will be available to the public.. probably not…  surely, it is a beauty….


    A Remarkable Bicycle for a Remarkable Man 9th April 2010

    Dr. Alex Moulton was born on April 9th 1920, and, ninety years later, The Moulton Bicycle Company has created a special bicycle to mark the occasion. This bicycle, the first result of ‘Project Sixty’, was presented by the company to Alex Moulton on his ninetieth birthday, in celebration of his astonishing contribution to the bicycle industry.

    This bicycle is an all-stainless steel interpretation of the enduringly popular ‘F’-frame design that was pioneered by Alex Moulton in 1962. The bicycle shares some of its features with the latest Moulton Speed, including the use of Reynolds 953 stainless steel and detailed improvements to the legendary Moulton leading link front suspension.

    Built by The Moulton Bicycle Company’s highly-skilled silver brazers, this is the first ‘F’-frame bicycle to be created at the Bradford on Avon factory for over thirty years. It is equipped with a two-speed ‘Duomatic’ hub gear, original Moulton 17″ wheels and a rather special Brooks leather saddle.

  • So great… “oooh lala, we have a Problem, Tom , Tom, Tom”..

    Though, I prefer when Phil Ligget later poetized Boonen as “Jailed in the peloton”…. what a great show…. if you have not seen it on tele.. see it here online Cycling Fans

  • Hell of the North…. I’m excited… It is happening again this Sunday April 11th 2010….. USA on VS Channel 3pm Pacific time or 6pm ET… VS Channel.

    And detail info of the race can be found here on Le Tour Official Site.

    I found a short clip from A Sunday In Hell… a must see coverage from 1976 Paris Roubaix… Love the sound of shifting derailer, Campagnolo…… of course Merckx was there, killing it……


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