• This Friday April 2nd, 255 9th Street San Francisco, get your game on…. 5buck to race… present by SFBMA. Proceed go to this year Q.C.R. preperation.
    Quake City Rumble on 7th year is again on July 4th… keep check or add Q.C.R. on Facebook

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  • 2010 North American Handmade Bicycle Show from Michael Wendell on Vimeo.

    THis VDO from NAHBS 2010 is very cool.. feel like I am there at the show.. thanks!!!

  • Red Bull Mini-Drome Teaser from Radar Films on Vimeo.

    More info at Steady Rollin


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    Yeah… Bike-pornographer….MASH and Macaframa star James Newman. that rhime so well… Prolly the originator of “Merckx Monday”.. said it.. Yeah, Newman my favorite.. dude always show up with fun surprises (girlfriend-T)…
    Newman website just got update with his recent project bike porn portrait…. like seeing all the familiar bikes here….

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  • philwood

    My deepest condolence to your friends and family….
    From Bicycle Retailer and Industry News…

    BAXTER, IA (BRAIN)—Phil Wood, the man responsible for sealed hubs and bottom brackets, died this week on his farm in Baxter, Iowa. He was 84.

    He started the Phil Wood Company in 1971 as primarily a hub maker, though he offered other components. He sold the business to Peter Enright and a group of investors in 1991.

    “I feel so lucky to have talked with him about a week before he passed away, and he mentioned again that he was so lucky to sell the business when he did,” said Enright, Phil Wood Company’s president.

    “We talked off and on over the years, usually to catch up on news about his friends in the bike business. But he was quite happy to return to the farm after selling the business to help raise his granddaughter,” Enright added.

    Wood was a problem-solver working at Food Machinery Corporation. Had he not been bothered chasing bearings for a hub he was rebuilding for his daughter, sealed-bearing hubs might have taken years to hit the bike market, Enright noted.

    “He was complaining to Spence Wolfe about why no one offered a sealed bearing hub and Wolfe told him to make his own hub. A little while later he asked Spence how many he should make. It took Spence a bit to remember what he was talking about. He said make 50 hubs and the business was launched,” Enright said.

    Wood’s family is deciding on funeral arrangements at this time.

    “I’m glad he and I were able to have that last chat. He was a little bothered he wasn’t as ambulatory as he once was but he was content to move on,” Enright said.

    —Matt Wiebe

  • Good question, right? Answer: a Masi made by Mario Confente for Alberto Masi himself. Here is the recipe. Take one part Confente, mix liberally with some Alberto. Combine with thinned lugs and some nice REYNOLDS (not a typo), place in jig, braze and file for several days, and then:

    1971 Confente Built Masi

    1971 Confente Built Masi

    As the story goes, this Masi was built by Confente to “in 1971 with my [Alberto Masi's] sizes.”   So how do we know such a thing? Well, a letter provided by the man himself tells all the details:

    Letter of Authentication

    Letter of Authentication

    The text reads:

    “I declare that this frame Masi Gran Criterium was made by Mario Confente in 1971 with my sizes. The frame was showed at Fiera Ciclo e Motociclo Milano in 1971. Milano 18.02.2010. Alberto Masi.”

    A very short yet concise phrase that would have the authors of the MLA Style Manual waving their fingers frantically shouting “shown, SHOWN!”.

    But does it matter really? The letter says it all. A frame built by Mario Confente, for Alberto Masi with the purpose of showing it at a trade show. So, not only is it built by a master for a master, but it’s a one of a kind, non-production model made specifically to wow the audiences of a trade show. It’s somewhat akin to the Bruce Gordon everyone drools over at NAHBS, but one zillion times cooler and more rare.

    Speaking of trade shows, inside the well packed shipping box (which took about 20 minutes to unwrap) was this photo:

    Photo of unfinished frame at the Fiera Ciclo e Motociclo Milano, 1971

    Photo of unfinished frame at the Fiera Ciclo e Motociclo Milano, 1971

    The frame itself is a sight to see up close. The lugwork is impeccable, points thinned to almost nothing. Windows, paint fill-ins. Every little detail thought out and executed with amazing perfection.  It clearly shows the signs of a builder with a true gift. It’s one thing to wax poetic on some internet forum about the tragic story of Confente and what a genius he was, but quite another thing to hold one of his frames in your hands and see what the man could actually do.

    Head Tube Lugs and Fork Crown

    Head Tube Lugs and Fork Crown

    Drilling Pattern used by Confente

    Drilling Pattern used by Confente

    To call this frame a work of art doesn’t even come close.  Maybe it’s the bike geek in me, but it’s truly a well crafted piece of design. Now the problem is, what to do with it? My personal ethics tell me to never own a frame that I cannot ride, but this, what if something happens? A stray squirrel dashes in front of me to get a better look at the well crafted bottom bracket, a pot hole reaches up to feel how smooth the lug transition really is, a hobo offers me a trade of Taco Seasoning for the frame (sorry, inside joke). There is no replacing this thing, yet somehow it doesn’t’ belong on a wall. Well, I guess decisions have to be made, so for now, spend some time with the slideshow below and check back for updates later.

    [mbspremium slideshow=1 title="'71 Masi Grand Criterium Built by M. Confente" subtitle="Click Full Screen For High Resolution"]

  • delta1
    I bet some of you probably think, wow, Battaglin and Campy Delta Nutsack brake.. ha..  This 1991 Giro d’Italia photoset is amazing. It was definitely shot in film, not digital. Wow.. I just realized how cool film was….
    Here is the slideshow worth checking it out while you are working…

    First seen from La Gazzettadella Bici

  • wooohooo.. porn to the max.. have a nice weekend ya all…..

  • poster-final

    And if you in Bangkok this Saturday…

    Be a part of Bike documentary by change your bicycle into an art piece!!! Decorate it with lights then come out and ride with us on Saturday March 6th, 2010. From 7:00pm to about 11:00pm starting from Bangkok Metropolitan Administration-Rachadumnuen road-Hualumpong station-MBK-SIAM-Petchaburee road-End up at RCA and finish the night out with after party at BOX RCA (MINI-808). JNSNP and Tiger Beer would like to invite everybody to come out and help raise awareness! Let’s make riding safer for EVERYBODY!!! *thanks Michelle for translation! Wohooo! :D

    PS. for our safety ride, we’ll have police motorcycle ride in front of us! so our bicycle will own the street that night! wooohooooo!!

    งานศิลปะสไตล์ไฟๆ รณรงค์ให้เกิดความปลอดภัยสำหรับผู้ใช้จักรยานอย่างเราๆ
    JNSNP เเละไทเกอร์เบียร์ ขอเชิญชวนเพื่อนๆๆ พี่ๆๆน้องๆๆที่มีใจให้จักรยานทุกรูปแบบ
    ทั้งชาวฟิกซ์เกียร์ ชาวเสือภูเขา ชาวเสือหมอบ ชาวbmxชาวรถพับ จนถึงแม่บ้าน
    ร่วมกันรณรงค์ปั่นจักรยาน ด้วยการประดับประดาไฟสไตล์ไหนๆๆก็ได้ให้กับจักรยานคันงามของคุณ ++ เพื่อให้ผู้ใช้รถใช้ถนนทั่วไป ได้เล็งเห็นถึงความสำคัญของผู้ใช้จักรยานตาดำๆๆอย่างเรา
    และร่วมพูดคุยกันและสนุกกันต่อที่ BOX RCA (MINI-808)

    PS. มีรถตำรวจนำตลอดเส้นทาง เพื่อความปลอดภัย

  • level_1

    HBFT, what is that, doesn’t really rhyme innit? anyway this show was not too long ago in January. WHOA…. The Level bike here with integrated brake system, blow my mind…. mmm my most respect to Japanese builders. Ok… time to book flight to Japan.
    Jerome posted tons of pictures and a neat article of the HBFT show here.