• Cyclezine BFF, Johnny Hsu took a train from NYC to VA to NAHBS show…. Oh wow, that was very quick, thanks man, thanks for the quick report Photos from the show, and thanks for picking me up some Rapha jersey!!! you are the man!!! … how about the Vanilla frame??? love ya!!!

    Look like a great show. Many great builders and tons of new products I see…. wow..

    click here for the photoset

  • bdbpelican1
    Well, this build has been in my head recently. What would be better than a nice 650B all around porteur bikes. Carefully designed by BDB guys where most modern parts will easily fit. AND made in USA with price that not gonna break your bank. I don’t remember how long I had seen the Pelican, 4 years? Somewhere around that I think. I remember seeing Gabe fiddling around with the blue bike at the shop, then Dan got one, and Andy got one, and Gabe Peterson got one before he moved to LA.


    I think since I am heading to Thailand or a while, I am going take the Pelican with me. A nice cushy 650B would do me good on the 3rd World Country street, some  Pass & Stow rack, or Velo-Orange rack (or Nitto??) to carry my sticky rice, and Honjo fender with rear light with Nitto bottle cages just to flossin it up.

    WAH… ok Ian, i saw the Pelican Spec Sheet and I think 52 is perfect for me. I have Durace 7400 grouppo ( Front/Rear derailers, 172.5 Crank set, STI shifters, Italian BB, pedal set) , Nitto 27.2 seat post, Nitto stem and Unicanitor seat, I have a King headset saved in Berkeley.

    So I think what I need to get are,
    1) Pelican frame-set 52cm.
    2) Cantilever brake set
    3) 650B wheelset with front dyno
    4) Nitto drop bar like one in the picture
    5) Set of Honjo fenders with attached rear light.
    6) Pass & Stow rack, or Velo-Orange rack.

    I think that would do it no? Thanks Ian……

    There is a review of Pelican on Bicycle Quartery current issue.
    Read more info and fun story on Box Dog Bikes Blog.

  • Drop
    Ok, with all the handmade things going on in North America. This bike was made in North America in 1968 to be precise.

    See you soon….

  • cognahbs
    Woot, seems fun!!! I’m in red, Roll#2, Column#9…. someone send me this poster please.. Yohei san, hook me up ne..!!!


  • nahbs2010

    North American Handmade Bicycle Show, this year is happening at Richmond, Virginia. This will be my second year that I missed the show, dam it!!! Here’s the link to NAHBS 2010, have fun!!!

  • Here we have nice interview not long ago by Camilla, followed by a page write up of Vanni’s life achievement on chaingang rotafixa s.p.a.

    “Giovanni Pettenella was the last Italian track champion to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games. Cycling enthusiasts from all over the world come to visit him in his vintage cycling shop located in Via Semplicità – quite literally, Simplicity Street – and what follows is the story of this incredible ‘campionissimo’.”

    Rest in Peace, you won’t be forgotten…. Source Freeman Transport Blog


  • Well, if you live in San Francisco long enough you will kind of smile and giggle from the comments. I wasn’t cool enough to date her…. coming to major US cities near you..haha
    Seen it from Tracko Art by Mike Giant.


  • Speaking of waxed canvas. Well, good people at Archival Clothing blog, recently posted this musette up. solid construction, very classy, what a perfect bag for Saturday farmer market ride on my french randoneur …. and you can buy it, just hop over to AC blog for more info.

  • “Flat Out” Teaser from FLAT OUT PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

    Ran into some of the guy in CMWC last year in Tokyo. I am yealous, this trip looks so much fun.


  • Alex Moulton’s memoirs have recently been published by Rolls Royce Heritage.

    “In this new book, Dr. Alex Moulton recounts, in his own words, his lifetime in engineering. The whole story – from building steam cars as a teenager, and working under Roy Fedden at Bristol Aeroplane, through the development of rubber suspension systems that led to collaboration with BMC, Dunlop and Sir Alec Issigonis in the creation of Hydrolastic and Hydragas, to the revolutionary Moulton bicycle that, together with the Mini, became an icon of the swinging sixties – is told in Dr. Moulton’s characteristic direct style.”

    The Memoirs are available for purchase on-line at the following link… Alex Moulton Books.