• San Francisco!!!!
    “Some fun in the park this Sunday. Bring your cross bike, or your mountain bike… who cares? it’s just gonna get covered in mud anyways. And probably beer.

    I know that the date says 2009, but it’s really 2010. I just pulled the flyer from the soil saloon site


  • Cyclezine contributor, stand up dude who always passed you in most alleycat races. May you win more schwagg ths year Dirtydave!!! Love, Puck.

    Dear Dave – if there is anyone in this world who can do anything at all, it’s  you.  I hope you have the happiest birthday to date, and eat some animal and drank on some beers – and, whatever you do, keep it dirty.  Cheers! Brian.

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  • Emi Brown: Los Angeles to Inland Empire from Matt Lingo on Vimeo.

    Nice short VDO clip of Emi Brown. Early day rider from MASHSF, we like seeing Emi on SF street. Good to see you now sponsored by Leader Bikes USA man. Emi blog look real good too.

  • Escape From Tomorrow (A Day In the Life With Nigel Sylvester) from 13thWitness™ on Vimeo.

    BMX Good stuff.. love the style..
    Saw it at MassanSF Blog

  • Birthday Collage for Sean

    Birthday Collage for Sean

    Happy Birthday, to our resident expert and collector of classic bicycles.  From your CycleZine family, we wish you a happy, happy birthday.

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  • Wow, first swap at San Francisco Dolo of the year… heard the organizers said to bring warm cloths and flasks. Last Summer Swap was a Success.

    Somany people showed up, with so many bin price vintage Campagnolo parts. ha! have fun guys!!
    Big credit to our very own Brian, whipped up the poster, I like…

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  • A Birthday Collage for Spencer

    A Birthday Collage for Spencer

    To my best friend, may the angelic voice of Morrissey guide your heart into happiness on this birthday of yours.  May you never drop a bolt from your Campangolo Super Record rear deraileur.   I gotta say, for one of the first “bike-friends” I made, it sure is nice not to have to ride around so much anymore – more time to focus on fun.  Happy birthday to the best dressed dude I know.

  • If you remember, last year Cyclezine Baller tips on travel with bike. We gave you some advises on how to deal with your bike travel case at the airport, but we did not go into cases that out there in the market. Last night while I was searching for another bike case, I came across this NYT article on bike travel case. Quite well written, with info, review and link to the source of manufactures.

    1. TRI ALL 3 VELO SAFE PRO-SERIES CUSTOM ROAD $539.95, triall3sports.com Mr. Claudino appreciated the four-foot length of this hard plastic case, because it meant “little disassembly of the bike.” Handlebars and pedals remained intact, and the “indestructible” case, his second favorite of those tested, had room for extra gear like a wetsuit and sneakers. But at 35 pounds empty, it is “the S.U.V. of travel cases,” he said. “Get ready for lots of questions at the airport.”

    2. BIKE PRO USA RACE CASE $379.99, bikemania.biz This case is about four feet long, comes in several different sizes and has flexible plastic walls over three inches of foam. After the seat post and handlebars were removed, the bike was secured to the bottom steel frame with a fork mount and T-bolt. “It was sturdy and felt safe,” said Mr. Claudino, who called the wheel cases “a plus.” But at about 30 pounds when empty, it felt “heavy.”

    3. PIKA PACKWORKS EEP from $335, pikapackworks.com The lightly padded thick nylon case comes in two sizes and is shown open at top right. It was “surprisingly sturdy for a soft shell,” Mr. Claudino said, making it his favorite of the five. It required removing the bike’s skewers, pedals, seat post and handlebars. At 10 pounds when empty, it did not incur an overweight baggage fee when packed for a flight. “No flaws,” he said, but he would like a zippered internal pocket.

    4. PERFORMANCE TEAM BIKE CASE $349.99, performancebike.com The trapezoid shape of this 26-pound 45-inch-long, hard plastic case is designed to maximize space. Mr. Claudino said it was easy to maneuver, but he “had difficulty fitting in” his bike. After the skewers, pedals, seat post and handlebars were removed, he said the fork and derailleur were “too close” to the case walls and the wheels “unprotected.” Still, he appreciated the case’s “sturdy snaps.”

    5. THULE ROUND-TRIP TRAVEL CASE $329.99, amazon.com Mr. Claudino found packing his bike into this “compact” 47-inch-long case simple. He removed the skewers, pedals, seat post and handlebars to fit the bike in the 33-pound hard plastic case. The case can be attached to a car roof rack, but Mr. Claudino didn’t see this as a big advantage because he already has bike trays on his car rack.

    Read the full article here

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  • Here is Bernard 3rensho Pista bike with vintage Suntour Superbe grouppo, all NJS , extremely porn in this Photoset. He built up this pretty lil thing a couple years ago. Apart from all his nice bikes and beautiful wife, Bernard is one classy dude, big heart dude,and best friend. We shared long time story, first when I smashed my skull in the Broadway tunnel, thanks for getting me to general hospital man, that place was the worst. Second when he attempted to come down from Twin Peak, fixed no brake = broken collar bone, least I took him to UCMedical where all the hot nurses resided. Love ya…
    One of January baby…

    *A special happy birthday to Bernard – a true inspiration, a true gentleman, a true force of nature.  Bernard’s one of the most supportive and caring friends I’ve met in San Francisco, and I am so proud to have him as a friend.  Cheers! -Brian