“It’s about F**kin’ Time You Jerks” is probably what you are saying to yourself.

I bumped into Puck the other day while riding down the Valencia Velodrome on the next “fixie” (aka touring bike, mark my words). And two things came from that fateful day. First being the no-necked picture of my on my BS. The second being Puck telling me to post some stuff in the For Sale section, “seriously man”.

So here goes.

This one hurts a bit just because I freakin’ love it. But the reality of it is that I will never use it and it sits while it should be ridden. For your money spending pleasure, I present you with the elusive Sugino 75 Tension Disc Kit. Not only is it awesome, but it’s BRAND NEW IN THE FREAKIN’ PACKAGE.

Yep, never been used or laced. 100% complete with all the tools, instructions and hardware you need to get this going on a 32h hub mated to a 700c 32h rim. Weighs less that a traditionally laced 32 spoke 700c rear wheel and TONS less than a traditional disc.

This sucker is made from Mylar and Kevlar. Not only do you get both your “lars” covered, but you get a disc wheel that will deflect a bullet should you find yourself in a cycling drive by or cruising in gang related territory. Now how many discs can say that, huh?

Looking to get $500 USD, plus shipping to wherever it is you’re at. Email me if you are interested.

sean at cyclezine dot net