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    Welcome to Monday. Normally wrought with the promise of doing everything you putt off Friday so you could leave early. Rarely does a little gem emerge during the day to make things just a little better. But as I browsed the internet (putting of the things I put off Friday) I came across this carbon roadie. I know what you’re thinking, Puck, carbon, say it ain’t so. But this on is a little different, after the first few shots, I belted out  “Now we’re talking” with little to no regard to those around me.


    This roadie could possibly be my carbon dream bike (except for the goofy seatpost). It’s simply an amazing build, with some style to boot. But I guess that’s what happens when Rue Sports and Silver Lake Darling artist Geoff McFetridge get together and make a bike for Fairwheel.

    Geoff McFetridge for Fairwheel

    Geoff McFetridge for Fairwheel

    The resulting concept, the “Light Bike” which is rumored to weigh in under 9lbs. For some perspective, that’s about the same weight as carrying a a toaster under each arm. For serious!

    What’s more? Carbon components look oh so delicious, mmm mmm mmm! And did I mention the Titanium spokes. Yep. Check out the specs here.

    Enjoy the pics- happy monday!

    [mbspremium slideshow=1 title="Fairwheel Light Bike" subtitle="McFetridge x Rue"]

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  • Please read the below for the full story. My heart go out to you Gabe, God Speed for your recovery…

    “  My name is Kierie, I used to live in SF for years. I moved to NYC in 2007. This past August I brought my boyfriend, Gabe Allen, and our bikes out for vacation so he could see what’s up on the Left Coast. We were supposed to be here six days, but this Friday it will have been three months. During our trip he and a car collided, knocking him unconscious for six and a half weeks. He was diagnosed with a severe traumatic brain injury and he was hospitalized at SF General for a month. We are still here, up in Marin County at a brain treatment specific hospital. The good news is that he is now awake and showing higher levels of cognition and awareness, and that his other injuries are completely healed. He’s got a really long road ahead of him though and I hope to have him back on the East Coast for further treatment and rehabilitation in the next 3-6 weeks, closer to his family and friends.

    So what’s all this got to do with a raffle? His best friend and a custom bike builder, Anthony Maietta, is hosting a raffle to build a bike for the winner. This guys is outta New England so you prolly haven’t heard of his work, but it’s killer and you can check it out at www.maiettacycling.com. Tony races CycloCross and Gabe raced a couple of his track numbers. Anyway, Tony’s donating all materials and labor, 100% proceeds will defray the cost of this freakin’ incredibly expensive solo flight–north of about $25K.

    The bike up for raffle is Road or CycloCross, and has a $1.5K value. Apologies if that bursts a couple bubbles! NYFixed kids didn’t semta mind! :kyle: sorry, this vanillacon just looked appropriate

    I ride fixed or touring, but heck, if it was fair for me to win I wouldn’t argue with a Road bike in my arsenal. Tickets are $20 each, and specs include:
    – Custom-Built Maietta Road or CycloCross Frame & Steel or Carbon Fork
    – Tailored Geometry
    – Columbus Tubing (All levels available, weight restrictions apply)
    – TIG Welded
    – Custom Maietta Paint
    – Chris King Headset
    – 20% off Retail for Additional Components

    If anyone is interested in getting a ticket, reach out! My digits are 917 250 6226, email kepicci at gmail.com. Gabe’s whole saga is posted on a website three of his design buddies created shortly after the accident,

    Thanks for reading y’all!
    -Kierie. “

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  • Pedal Speed magazine issue number 4, is out, and to name a few from San Francisco, Box Dog bikes, Mojo Cafe and American Cyclery. And if you remember, Cyclezine and friends event in Bangkok last Summer, Bangkok Drag Race, got our way into the magazine with several spreads count up to 12 pages. Of course in their home town, CMWC 2009 truck race report which I was also around drinking a tall can.

    I am hyped and cited to see the product. You can get them here at Pedal Speed site or Most Kinokuniya book store around the world…

  • 2009 SF Bike Expo Trackstand Competition from JB Davis on Vimeo.

    The event look so fun… saw Trackstand VDO from J.B. Davis vimeo. I recognized Steve Tortorelli from team Murder, dude from far left, you are everywhere, and ya gotta listen to the MC…. ha..I also heard many people scored many descent items from the sale….. Mashsf got many amazing photo from the show also……good times…

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  • Last month when I spend 8 hours in Cow Palace with 3 scientific calculators, I did not want to return .. but this Saturday…. Cow Palace is rocking hard….also, you save two buck if you get ticket for the event at Pushbikes

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    What do yo think? Another over the top wall bike? Another sky is the limit bike build? or just a pure lust of bike porn from top to toe…. I think this Nervex’s Nagasawa with Campagnolo Super Record type 69 deserved a recognition.. ha.. just bullocking about the sixtynine..but man.. if anyone know who this Naga belong to, please send my regard to him or her…. I like your bike… and again, thank you the internet for the pictures..

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  • Good ladies and gents of San Francisco, our friends at Box Dog Bikes are having their annual winter sale from November 21st through December 23rd.  This gives you even more of an excuse to indulge in a visit to the shop!

    Box Dog Bikes is home to classy Nitto parts, their own Pelican all-purpose house frame and many more commuter bikes and accessories!

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  • A short vdo of Giovanni Pelizzoli restoring 1973 Ciöcc. By Rorymasini on YouTube

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    Carbon fiber Trek Madone race cycle with mixed media (CETMA rack, welded steel, synthetic polymer paint on plywood, peristaltic pump, Tequila bottles, and tea bags), 99cm x 156cm x 51cm.
    © Tom Sachs, Courtesy Galerie Thaddeus Ropac and Sperone Westwater

    Tom Sachs

    Look so cool, we need more of this bike everywhere, Ha…. I found bunch of pictures on the internet on Tom’s bike at the show… enjoy.