Wrap up from Tokyo CMWC 2009:

Well, 6 days and 5 night in Tokyo was really fun.

Ok – it took me 4 days to come down from the trip. I feel like I have to wrap up the CMWC before it’s too late, but there are more stories and photos from Tokyo that I have to dig out to share.  For now I will just say……I Really had fun. Tokyo oh Tokyo, what did I get from Tokyo? Let see, two pairs of Japanese natural indigo dyed denim pants, two Japanese chambray shirts, hundreds of new friends, and a proof of true love. Yes – I asked, and she said Yes.

Though I had been to Tokyo numerous times, this trip was the first time I got to travel through the city by bicycle. Was it easy? Yes! Tokyo streets are perfect for city riding, I’m no city planner, but it was very easy to navigate around, very easy to change lane and direction, even though they drive on the wrong side.  The road condition is top notch - smooth,  not bumpy with pot holes like San Francisco. They take care of their streets, they respect them.  Cars know how to share road with bicycles. My lady never rode a bike in any city traffic before, but in Tokyo she had no problem splitting lanes between cars and trucks going 40 km/hr.

Oh I almost forgot, CMWC results!!! Well the organizers only had a chance to announce the first 3 finishers of men and women for the main race.

Here’s the breakdown:

Out of 380 racers that came for qualification, 60 men and 10 women were in the main race

Mainrace Men

Juri (Tokyo). Prize. Custom Crank bag and Soma Frame
Shino (Tokyo)
Stevie (Zurich)

Mainrace Women

JoJo (Stockholm) Custom Crank bag and Gold pedal necklace
Yuki (Tokyo)
Christina (Chicago)

Fixie King

Jumbo (Copenhagen)


Men:Alex Forolettii (Canada??)

women: Alex’s girlfriend.. forgot her name..


Men: Jumbo (Copenhagen)

Woman: Sarah Murder(San Frandisco)

Backward circle

Daz. 149 ROUNDS!!!


I don’t know.  Someone needs to fill me in on this. I left when the organizer decided not to let both men and women do the trackstand at the same time….

How about the two that I followed throughout the event? Both qualified for the Final, Fergus came in top ten. Mr Chas.. DQ because he can’t read the rules! Actually, he finished the race, he scored money that would have gotten him 5th place, but he had 3 packages left in his bag, DQ for him :(

Well you know what? everyone is a winner……

CMWC Tokyo was well organized, perhaps a little too well organized for my taste. I thank them for taking time and organized such event. Turn out was in the thousand each day at the Race venue. After party at disco club was not my cub of tea. Smoke filled 4 level dance floors, with bouncers checking every bags for chocolate bar really ticked my nerves. I would prefer a tall can gathering in the parking lot with friends.

Bottom line is, I had a hell hec of fun. Thank you Incase for all the Japanese denim garments I bought, thank you all the friends that let me take pictures of you doing nasty move and funny faces. Thank you my lady Jassy for booking the room, helped carrying camera gears  and being the prettiest girl in the show, I love you.

I hope you guys enjoys my love story in Tokyo….. Oh and the pictures. Feel free to drop me  e-mail if you want copy of high Res photo puck@cyclezine.net
Or if you just want to help me go shopping in different country, I will do it.

Next year CMWC 2010 Guatamela… I’m going!!!!

and here the slide show if you have time to see 200+ pictures..also posted here in Incase Bloggy