This is too good not to repost. I saw these two videos on Tracko. Actually, back in 2006 we spent Thanksgiving week in Amsterdam. We took our bikes with us. When we got there, buildup the bike and went straight out and after half a day of riding, my Campy front wheel stopped spinning. I took it off and found that the lock nut just crack in half so when I tried to tighten the lock nut, it would lock up the hub. Of course, I didn”t have an extra Campy nut in my pocket, so we needed to find a bike shop that would have them. Heard about RIH from Lily because Lily bought a RIH track bike from Gareth Chow.

So we went into RIH shop, which was only a block away from apartment we rented. In the shop there only one guy inside, Wim, the shop owner. I showed him the messed up wheel. Wim took the wheel from me and went in the back to look for part, and he fixed the wheel for me. He would not let me pay for the service or part.

What a nice guy. It’s nice to see him in action building the bike here. I couldn’t remember the story but Wim first stepped into the shop when he was 10 years old!! He raced RIH frames and now builds them, so cool. If you ever get a chance to be in Amsterdam and not too baked from pot - Do stop by the shop, there are many nice handmade steel bikes for you to drool over as well as old stock of cycling memorabilia.


Me and Wim, and the Campy wheel…