We got into Tokyo on Saturday evening. The flight form SF was amazing. Japan airline is my favorite airline now, they did not hassle with me about the large bike cases I have with me, no question about what in the cases, no large baggage fee charge. I think it is because I paced the box and did not go over the 50lb weight limit. I brought Alex Moulton for my girlfriend, and the Track bike for myself. We checked in at Westin hotel in Ebisu. Sunday we got up real early to build the bike and hit the road.

Met up with Yohei at W-base. W-Base is a well known track bike shop. Yohei used to be messenger in San Francisco, he moved back to Tokyo last year and now he is w-base store manager. Of course, many people that in town for CMWC show up one after another while we were at W-Base.

After that I went to register for the race at B1 building, also in Shibuya. The CMWC Tokyo registration team is very well organize. the location set in the basement of the building. You walk down and come to the first table which check your name take your payment, they gave me a package which includes wrist band for oot down competition, race number sign to attach on my bag, my number is 69. Then along the line they would take my picture to make ID card, this Id card is use to enter various event that happening every night.
Lots of people show up at the registration office and flocked the whole street with messengers boys and girls and their bikes, their bag and even their sleeping bag sleeping on the street.

After the registration we went to Club Asia to see Goldsprint race. Club Asia is also in Shibuya. the party start early at 3pm. Again , tons of people showed up and flocked the whole single lane street. By night time about 9pm, the whole street go even more crazy because people would come out the the near by bar…

Some other messenger groups, San Francisco crew are down the street hanging out in front of 7/11, I thought that was funny, drunk messengers decided to pick 7/11 as their drinking base..

Overall, I think lots of people from around the world showed up for the event. We get to meet, Irish, Scottish, Finish, Taiwanesse, Swedes, French, German, and even Australian. Everyone s happy to be in Tokyo, to share their stories, to exchange culture, and best of all, to make new friends.

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