• blonde

    Yes. I am all about pretty girls on bikes…..saw this from Rackk and Ruin

    did you notice her black cranks and new pedals? girl’s got good taste in bikes too.


  • Party and race in LA this weekend…. it’s only 4 hours drive from San Francisco to LA…..

    “The Re-Up Grades race is still on but has been cut in half due to the fires here is Southern California. We are still meeting at Orange 20 at 2PM. But now there will only be one checkpoint and that is the summit of Mt. Hollywood Rd.”

  • I stopped by Pushbike today after a big fat papalote steak burrito to be greeted by big smile from Camilla. She asked why I did not show up to see the preview of her project last night at the store. I had no idea what is going on about town these day.

    Ok…. this is a 4 minutes preview documentary about frame builder Dario Pegoretti. I hope at least some of you know who he is.  This clip was at BFF this year, but I think I passed out in the theater, so I don’t quite remember it. A full version is coming out soon according to Camilla….

    Camilla… Have a safe trip back to Italy and we will see you in Tokyo ok, make it happen girl!!!

  • Zo

    As always, we like gossiping and name dropping - but we only do it with nice words for awesome action that are worth mentioning.

    So IT’S OFFICIAL!!! our friend Erik Zo , 4 times freight bike world champion, is now officially part of Team Bullitt. He will be taking part in CMWC Tokyo next month.

    Last Friday when I heard the news I was really excited, and without hesitation I hopped on my bike and rode to Erik’s house for a more quality chit chat time. Funny thing was, when I entered his workshop the first thing I saw was a brand new Belinky freight bike in the middle of workshop. Erik won the Bilenky freight bike from CMWC 2008 Toronto and it finally made it way to him yesterday.


    But back to Bullit business. I have long been fascinated with this rather spacey freight bike. Please stay tuned when I can convince Erik to give a first impression and review on Bullitt. The only thing I can say from looking at their Website, is that the lower center of gravity definitely gives me a solid feeling when hauling ass, and I can tell you, the lower the better. Think about this: would you rather lift a keg of beer just a mere foot from ground to the cargo bed of this Bullitt? or three feet up to a trunk of SUV, get it?  I would love to ride one, maybe here or maybe in Tokyo next month. Look at it! mmm Red or Black??? or both…



    Below is what Larry VS Harry had to say on their first phone encounter with Erik, quite awesome indeed. Also the picture is Erik grandfather Danish passport.

    “I had a call the other day from San Francisco. The guy in the other end was pretty enthusiastic;i t sounded like he was jumping up and down, screaming and laughing. Despite this his presentation was clear. “Myname is Erik Zo and I am the reigning freight bike world champion!”. In the discussion that followed, I realized that he wasn’t only the reigning champ, but four time world champion. What he wished from me was to be allowed to be a part of Team Bullitt at The World Messenger Championship in Tokyo 2009!

    We are honoured to be chosen by this legend!!
    Not only a pair of excellent legs but also a fantastic personality and best of all: His grandparents were Danish citizens.
    So during the championship, Erik will be as Danish as redgred and Bullitt.”



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  • Maca

    Ok, finally I got sometime of to process these pictures. It was fun and I must say, confusing alleycat. Well who care if I think it’s confusing anyway, I did not even race. Good turn out though, people seems to have fun and love all the schwags that were given away. And the best of all, it was for a cause.

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  • Wow, Wow and Wow, the bike swap over the weekend in Oakland was a success. I really like the spot at Mosswood Park. Sellers got to set up their stuff in the amphitheater with paved concrete steps, very nice I tell you, clean and no dirt like on the grass. It also set in the semi shade under big trees. There were many different type of bike stuff there, pretty much everything was being sold and trade.The atmosphere was really fun and friendly too, about 1/3 the size of Dolores Park Swap meet so you tend to run into people you know and old friends. I like it, and I would go again next time if they have a swap meet there.

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  • Macaframa and Hip To Help (nonprofit) are hosting a bike race and after party on August 20, 2009. The race will begin and end at 111 Minna Gallery in the SOMA District. The after-party will also be held at 111 Minna Gallery. All funds raised will go to George Washington Carver Middle School in Bayview to help reinstate art and music programs in the school.


    The Race:
    AUG 20th
    Fixed only
    $5 entry
    (will also grant you free entry to after party at 111 Minna)
    Register: 5:00 – 5:45pm
    Race: 6:00pm

    This race is unique. There will be plenty of opportunity to win prizes, and even multiple prizes. Rather than your typical alleycat, with checkpoints hit in a linear fashion, this race will have tiers of checkpoints that require racers to choose a checkpoint of their choice in the first tier, race back to the start to get their manifest signed, and it’s off to the next tier, and so on. There are prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd at each checkpoint. There are three checkpoints per tier, but riders can only choose one of the three. Some thought and strategy will be needed to choose your path and come up with multiple prizes. And of course the fastest rider who picks the best choices at each tier will be the winner of the grand prize, but will likely rack up a few prizes in the process.

    Here is another way of describing it (we understand it is a little hard to understand at first). Read it carefully and think about it before asking good questions. Thanks.

    * First round – pick one (only one) of the Stage 1 destinations (3 possible)
    * Go go go! After a short sprint, pick up your prize card (if you’re quick) or get a stamp.
    * Back to the start – get a stamp and pick up your Stage 2 destinations.
    * Pick one and spin it up! This one’s a bit longer, so choose wisely and you might get a prize card. Don’t forget to get a stamp.
    * Back to the start. Get a stamp. Pick up your long run Stage #3 list.
    * Grind it out to the Stage 3 finish of your choice. Pocket that prize card or get your stamp.
    * If you don’t have any 1st place cards, go back to the start and grab a beverage. Wait for the big finish….
    * If you have one, show a 1st place prize card at your Stage 3 – the Stage 4 location will be revealed!
    * Crush it to Stage 4. This one’s worth it. Better hurry, there’s no telling who else is going for it or where they are.
    * Get your Stage 4 stamp and hustle it back to the finish.
    * First one back with a Stage 4 stamp gets the Grand Prize!

    The After Party at 111 Minna
    $10 cover before 11pm, $12 after (RACERS GET IN FREE!)
    Live performances by:
    Ryan Green

    Eli Glad
    Grown Kids Radio
    DJ Brown Magic
    DJ E Da Boss

    Should be a damn good time!

    Sponsors(in no significant order):
    Lucky Lefty’s
    House of Commons
    Box Dog Bikes
    Mike Giant
    Rebel 8
    American Cyclery
    Soma Fabrications
    Solio (solar chargers)
    GC Urbano
    + more to be announced…

  • Sorry if we had been slow on posting lately…. I have to relearn rotational acceleration, calculus and all my engineering for the license exams… and that take a lot of my time away… for now enjoy this amazing vdo Monella, by Tinto.. hope ya all enjoying Summer wherever you are…

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  • Chicks

    You've found yourself at the airport counter, hungover from PBR, baked to the max from pot.   Then you're handing $50 that you don't have to the airline for either an overweight charge, or an oversize baggage charge…. You are a fool..

    Allow us at CZ to give you some tips on how to travel a lot easier with your bike.  Over the past 4 years we've  been traveling with our bikes heavily from one city to another around the world, jet setting. This first edition of tips on traveling with your bike will hopefully help you better prepare to travel, and keep that $50 for beer.

    Baller Tip 1 -  Understand the rules:

    Make sure you understand the airline policy for bag and airline policy for sporting equipment that you travel. Better yet, print them out and have them handy with you.  Most are quite vague.  (For instance: If you are flying on Virgin, they have a $50 “oversized baggage fee”.  However, Pg 27 of their regulations states: “Virgin Airlines will accept assistive devices and certain other devices at no additional charge. Items include but not limited to: wheelchair, walker, car seat, stroller, portable children's playpen type device…” Now, a bike may not be entirely “assistive”, but it certainly falls under the huge category “certain other devices”  I say label your box vaguely!  Tell them it is a “certain other device” and they have to accept it.)   And, believe me, ground crew at the check-in counter do not have any clue about their own fine print or requirements, maybe the only person that knows how to look it up is the duty manager. So, it's best if you do your homework before your trip.

    Baller Tip 2 –  Use Bike case that appopriate:

    Ok… if you do not want to get charged for oversize baggage, you should find a right case that will not exceed the requirements outlined by your airline. I use Freight Baggage because it measured approximately 30 X 8 X 26..
    Here's an example from Japanairlines policy “The total linear dimensions for each piece of baggage shall not exceed 158 cm (62 in) derived by adding the height, width and length). Furthermore, the sum of the linear dimensions of two pieces must not exceed 273 cm (107 in.).”

    Baller Tip 3 –  Understand the weight limit:

    So if you are going to check your bike in, and maybe an extra bag, don't just throw everything in the bike case because it is already quite large. That bike case will weigh tons if you don't weigh it as you are packing. Again understand airlines policy “2pieces. Each piece must not weigh more than 23kg (50lbs.).”

    Baller Tip 4 –  Act like you are a well traveled baller:

    Now, if the above tips still left you with extra weight, then… It's time to shed some weight. But you don't want to get on your knee and do all of this at the airport! Here read this carefully because this is how I get away with avoiding so many stupid “overweight chages.”
    Here's the scenario: you arrive at the check in counter, assume that you packed all your heavy stuff like tools or u-lock in one of Freight tool bag or Zo tool bag or whatever bag. Leave them in your carry on bag or on the cart.  Then you go ahead and check your Freight bike box in, let them weigh it (it should be under 50lbs for the bike and the box combined) and tag it and whatever. You wait until you get your passport and boarding card back.
    THEN when you about to leave, stop the airline personal and tell them (HERE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART… Do not ask politely….You tell them, confidently!!! )  Tell them that you need to put something back in the case. If they ask what it is, just show them that they are tools and u-lock and you don't want the security to take them away from you. 

    Another point I want to state here is that checking your luggage at the check-in counter is not considered to be security checked…. When you check your luggage in at the counter, your luggage still has to go through the security check and x-ray machine before it get packed into the cargo box and then loaded on to the plane.  The key here is that you don't ask airline personal if you could access your luggage, but you tell them that you need to put away shit that security screening will not let you take on the plane.  And you must stand your ground knowing that check in counter is not considered security check, and that you still have the right to access your luggage at this point because it has not been officially inspected.  Believe me, this has worked for me many times.

    Voila….. you see the logic?  shed it and put them back later…..keep that fifty buck for beer or whisky….

    Safe travels!

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