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A big “thank you” to CZ pal Clare for getting this together! It was a great day to see friends, sell some stuff, buy more stuff and get sunburned. I was able to pick up a set of 1960′s Stronglight 49D track cranks and a few bits and such. Nathan, fresh back from the crash also unveiled the new design of the “I Crash SF” shirt which should be available soon from the store. What’s more? Brian made it out on a bike. A first since he went down hard earlier this year! Good time for all- as evidenced by this Craigslist post:

dear san francisco bicycle hipster douchebags;

the swap was refreshingly friendly and fun today. thanks everyone for not being snotty or catty or superior. i didn’t even encounter too much price-gouging.

you’re all gorgeous, every last one of you, especially all the hot asian guys, but even that one white guy with the obnoxious asian-cultural-appropriation tattoo on his back (i mean worse than most asian-character-tattoo-on-a-white-guy tattoos. this one was really bad. carps and everything.) i don’t even care.
i love looking at all your buff quads and calves. mee-rowr.

let’s go for a ride, san francisco.
i’ll buy you a coffee, we can talk about gear ratios and the general superiority of steel frames.

Location: dolo

Apparently white guys with Asian tattoo’s are back in! Yes! Oh, and one now must refer to Dolores Park as “Dolo”, which goes perfectly with “the Mish”. Check the gallery below for some pics from Puck as he was out and about with camera in hand.