• Apparently the EB is in an uproar over our successful little bike swap held in SF just weeks ago. They’ve called in UNT and are organizing one of their very own. Rumor has it, several people will be hosting grammar symposiums. I cans benefits frum summa dis.

    Anyhow, without further adieu:

    Sunday, August 16th

    Mosswood Park, Oakland

    High Noon

    For those of you who live in the city and have reservations about venturing across the bay, I have been assured that Oakland is relatively safe. But as a precaution, I have posted this video on personal safety:

    Come out to just say hello.


    Dam if only I book the flight ealier. This year NACCC 2009 is happening in Boston. I remember couple years ago in San Francisco was really fun, too bad I was 10 minutes short in the qualification round.

    And check this out!!! Brooks X NACCC 2009


    Here’s the schedule if you happened to be near by.


    14:00-22:00 – Registration and Art Show hosted by Red Bull and 4th Wall Project @ 4th Wall Project
    22:00 – Welcome Scramble Alleycat
    22:00-2:00 Welcome Party


    10:00-12:00 Open Forum
    12:00-16:00 Sprints/Skids/Side Events & BBQ
    16:00-22:00 Polo Tournament (Allston Polo Courts)
    17:00-19:00 Billiards Tournament @ Flat Top Johnny’s (Cambridge, MA)
    20:00 Alleycat
    22:00-2:00 Party@ Harpers Ferry (Allston, MA)
    Arm Wrestling/Dancing/Tetris Competitions @ Harpers


    10:00 – 18:00 Work Simulation (Details TBA)
    20:00-1:00 Awards Party @ The Middle East Downstairs (Cambridge, MA)
    2:00 The Hustle/Cee-lo Throwdown

  • Again, this is not bike related, but we CZ always bring you all sort of entertainment, right?

  • I can’t resist sharing this superb photo from Garance Doré blog. Truly amazing captured of Dutch girl on a real Dutch bike… By the way, I heard someone said Dutch bike is the new fixie… I totally agreed.. I actually have 3 dutch bikes myself.


  • When I saw this in my RSS ticker, I had a slight freakout. You see, I’ve been going to Canyon De Chelly since I was a little kid. My grandma, or Nana, took me their for the first time when I was about 8 or 9, then a few times after that.

    You see, every year from about age 5 to about 14, my Nana and I would pack up the old station wagon and take a road trip. Usually through the Southwest. Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico. She was a big proponent of taking me out of the classroom and showing me history in person. We concentrated on lots of the famous national parks, but we both were intrigued by the smaller, more out of the way archeological sites.  She has a deep interest in the Native American culture of that area, especially ancient Anazasi sites. So when I saw that the Rapha team rolled into Chile Arizona for a ride and stayed at the Thunderbird Lodge, it brought back a ton of fond memories- as this was by far one of our favorite places.

    Chinle is a sleepy little town that hasn’t changed much since the first time I was there. A grocery store, could small fast food places and 2.5 motels that cater to the Canyon’s tourism industry.

    Canyon de Chelly is a National Park, but unique in the fact that it is run by the Navajo Nation. What’s more, you can’t just stroll into the Canyon, you must be escorted. I think this is why this places has retained so much of it’s beauty and why the Ruins are so well preserved. At 8 am, you hop into an ex army DUKW, head into the canyon and you go from site to site with your own person Navajo tour guides.

    It’s hands down, one of the best places in the world that you will ever go. So it’s not surprise that the the Rapha Continental ride took them there and  got some pretty amazing images in the process. Thanks to  Rapha and Velodramatic for exposing the cycling world to an amazing place and bringing back some very special memories.

    Find out more:

    Rapha BLOG

    Velodramatic BLOG

    Rapha Continental Ride at Pbase

    Canyon de Chelly National Park

  • 3 Days and 3 Nights of bikes fun in San Francisco.. and I am sunburned….
    least I got lots of pictures..Enjoy..





    More in the slide show…

  • Click for Bigger- if you are using Firefox, click again once image is loaded

    A big “thank you” to CZ pal Clare for getting this together! It was a great day to see friends, sell some stuff, buy more stuff and get sunburned. I was able to pick up a set of 1960′s Stronglight 49D track cranks and a few bits and such. Nathan, fresh back from the crash also unveiled the new design of the “I Crash SF” shirt which should be available soon from the store. What’s more? Brian made it out on a bike. A first since he went down hard earlier this year! Good time for all- as evidenced by this Craigslist post:

    dear san francisco bicycle hipster douchebags;

    the swap was refreshingly friendly and fun today. thanks everyone for not being snotty or catty or superior. i didn’t even encounter too much price-gouging.

    you’re all gorgeous, every last one of you, especially all the hot asian guys, but even that one white guy with the obnoxious asian-cultural-appropriation tattoo on his back (i mean worse than most asian-character-tattoo-on-a-white-guy tattoos. this one was really bad. carps and everything.) i don’t even care.
    i love looking at all your buff quads and calves. mee-rowr.

    let’s go for a ride, san francisco.
    i’ll buy you a coffee, we can talk about gear ratios and the general superiority of steel frames.

    Location: dolo

    Apparently white guys with Asian tattoo’s are back in! Yes! Oh, and one now must refer to Dolores Park as “Dolo”, which goes perfectly with “the Mish”. Check the gallery below for some pics from Puck as he was out and about with camera in hand.




  • Every year the Bicycle Film Festival gathers bike lovers from around the country to come out and celebrate. It hits a total of 39 cities in the US, and this is their 9th year. Things are still going strong! I’m happy that I was able to make it back to San Francisco in time for the events. It’s something that I look forward for every year and this is the 4th year in a row I’ve made it out. There will be tons of cool  films and events that shouldn’t be missed. The highlights will probably be the street party on Saturday and Bike Polo on Sunday.

    BFF Schedule after the break.

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  • The Bangkok Drag Race was an epic success.. 60 riders registered to race, and another 50 confused riders joined along the way!






    The main race started at 8pm- the winner taking a mere 15 minutes to compete with the last riding rolling in at 8:30. The trick competition followed. It open to anyone that wanted to brave the alley traffic and show off their skills. Last on the agenda was a footdown competition on the sidewalk.

    ….a good turn out, and BIG thank you and hugs to everyone that came out and helped- not to mention our generous sponsors…


    Freight Baggage

    Mash SF



    The Freewheel

    Box Dog Bikes

    Cheuy Brand

    Sneaka Villa

    Superr Zaaap!

    Super Sonic


    We hope to do this again in the near future…. biking is fun…

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  • If you remember back in February, we ran into MASH crew in Santa Rosa while they were riding with the TOC. While the project is still in the works, they released this little sneak peak:

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