• Pedal Speed
    So I have finally received my copy of Pedal Speed issue No.1 which arrived to San Francisco with my friend Tak from LA. It felt really good. The photo and paper quality is grade A++. Too bad I don’t understand Japanese (you hear that Newman?), but just pictures, I am happy. Especially high class photo from our friend Mr Yas ….

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I think it’s sold out!!! You can view some samples at the Tracko flickr set. Thanks to Kyle, I had been drooling to see the Magazine.
    Issue No.2 is coming out soon and I heard that it will have some storis from our very own town, San Francisco.

    Tracko Flicker set HERE!!!

  • Mr Yim from Macaframa cut and pasted this program on the inter-web this afternoon. So, I thought I should post it up here. This is the final cut thats a bit different than the one that a lot of us had seen.

    May 4th at Independent in San Francisco. I have a feeling it will be more like a hangout than actually watching the movie. May also be 21+ only too. Who want to watch movie in the club anyway, ha. They actually coming out with DVD in a month too, also available in Blu-ball, I mean Blu-ray.( I just learn about it today) Save the date and come and hangout.


  • I got a little surprise in the mail today which totally made my friday. Several “special tour” issues of Miroir de Cyclisme and L’Equipe from 1969-1980. Some great stuff inside for sure. It will definitly be fodder for a few posts to come. Here’s a bit of a teaser.

    Miroir’s 1975 (great year, BTW) favorites for the TDF. Some top names.

    1980 French Olympic Track team that appears to be wearing kits out of the same material they made Benotto tape from.

    Article on Track Cycling from the 70′s.

    By far one of my favorite pics. Super inspiring. Bernard Hinalut in his Team Rinault kit during the 1978 tour, gives a hand to what the miroir calls a “tiny” Lucien Van Impe. Lucien took home the Maillot Jaune in ’76. Hinlaut had a slightly better record snatching the yellow jersey four five (thanks crossett) times in his career as well as countless other wins.

    “Fifi” for Specialites T.A.

  • Our friend Chuey had been putting out fine cult like cycling hats and apparel for the past 3 years and counting. We love his products because they are made by hand, come in tons of different variations, and stand up to the tough riding we like to do. His stuff shows up at various shops across the world, now.

    We are very proud to announce that he recently released his very own website, and it looks great!site HERE!!!

    You wait until you meet Chuey and you will understand. The man gives out good energy, positive vibes, and wonderful smiles.

  • Welcome to the first post of what I hope will be a regular “column” here on CycleZine- Seen on eBay.

    I spend (read: waste) a good portion of my life on ebay and come across some pretty amazing cycling stuff. I’m not taking about some “rare” ruby filled colnago, painted with the blood of Ernesto himself. Nope, this stuff is much better. It’s the kitsch, the memorabilia, the ephemera.

    Junk to others, gold to us.

    So for this first installment, I give you Cycling Vinyl…

    When it comes to cycling kitsch, no one outdoes the French. They have it all, including “fight songs” for the Tour de France.

    Read the rest of this entry…

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  • Steve AKA Papalok on sffixed.com board asked if I could get a picture of my Moulton spaceframe sitting next to the iconic San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. Structural engineering at its best.. here go buddy…

  • A beer, streaming jazz tune on Jazz FM, and Copenhagen Cycle Chic Blog does the job. For whatever it worth, inspiration, poetic and chic…..

  • My good friend Tim recently decided that his Eli needed a track bike. The only problem is that he’s 6 and they’re aren’t too many options out there for a six year old. Enter Mt. Airy Cycles, who suggested this TINY Starnord built Paris Sport (which I am definitely a fan of) that measures a full 34cm center to center.

    You will soon see it gracing the streets of SF on some father and son rides and perhaps a Junior’s session at Hellyer? But not before it gets a little restoration love. Stay tuned for progress pics.

  • Ever wonder where and how most of our bike parts and frame come from? Ever wonder what I meant when I said MIT? Made In Taiwan baby!!! These day, a lot of high quality bicycle parts and frame are made in Taiwan. These guys really been pushing out lots and lots of good stuff for years!!. Eddy Merckx carbon frame? Yes MIT. Tange carbon frame? Yes MIT.. Cinelli? and many many ..Lets me said no more. This is not about that. This is about Taipei Cycle Show 2009 that’s happening around now. More photo at Subcrew

    Fllickr Set HERE!!!

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  • Velobase as previously posted in another recent blog post great for researching what group that certain Campagnolo headset may have come from, but for you all you rear derailleur gear-heads out there, Desraeli Gears is for you. Michael Sweatman, the author of this website is a big derailleur fan and geek, particularly rear derailleurs. Here’s what he has to say in the introduction page of his homepage:

    “The rear derailleur is, in many ways, the definitive bicycle component, it defines the ‘groupset’ and that in turn, defines the bike. Cyclists often use the shorthand of talking about an ‘Ultegra’ road bike or an ‘XTR’ mountain bike. In addition to this the rear derailleur is the most complex and machine like bicycle component, unlike handlebars or hubs it is a real ‘mechanism’, with plenty of mechanical action going on. Finally there may be something to Arnfried Schmitz’s whimsical idea that ‘collecting derailleurs is fascinating because they are small, complex and have two wheels – like a bike!’”

    The photos of all the various rear derailleurs as managed by brand and years are fantastic. He has worked in bicycle shops since the 70′s and provides for a wealth of knowledge on most rear derailleurs known to man. Please check out the website!