• Wednesday is one of the weirdest days of the week, and a very special one. 2 days gone, 2 days left, and little Wednesday caught in the middle. The halfway point between working and the weekend – Wednesday needs more celebration. 

    We like to share a lot of good looking bicycles on Wednesdays to pick the week up, to wash away the dirt of Monday and Tuesday and get you all ready for the upcoming Thursday and Friday. Here is some momentum:

    A book we all need.
    Moser in Germany.
    Chesini of Verona – the birthplace of romance.
    1930s Motorpacing
    Mighty Moser and Brutal Bartali
    Benotto Paris Roubaix bike, celebrating Moser’s 3-time win.
    Lance and Eddy.
    RIH jammer
    Little spill

  • If you want some biky San Francisco Stylin and you in Berlin… head over to see Macaframa would you…

  • Finally the tenant improvement project is done. Place look real clean and organized.

    Box Dog

    Stop by and say hello to your favorite bike mechanics, Dan….and Ian, Jon, Andy Gabe and Gabe … and don’t forget to tip your bike mechanic sometime, it’s a good etiquette…bring them beer, they like beer…;)
    Dan the man

  • So it ended with Leipheimer the winner of 2009 Tour of California..

    Rapha Rides the TOC – Episode 4 from RAPHA on Vimeo.

    Rapha Rides the TOC – Finale from RAPHA on Vimeo.

  • This is classic.. Tour of California ended… this clip popped from Tracko…
    and again. No Hater…. you will go Down!!!

  • We went over to Mama Art Cafe this afternoon to hear Marco, a quest guitarist, playing bossanova, with Suzanne Cortez and Friend Jazz band. What a great experience, thanks Veronica!!..
    This great cafe located outer mission district, on the 4000 block of Mission Street. They regularly have live band playing. It was nice to see local families gathering and dancing. Great selection of fair trade coffee, tea and spices. Their website has schedules of different cultural program and art show. Check them out… here are some pics I took…..






    Mamasf website

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  • Oh .. how do i love California. I have been living here for 11 years, and I don’t plan to move anywhere anytime soon. I had lived across the world, from Thailand to UK and now San Francisco. Thanks to Rapha for these beautiful short films covering California.. truly one of the best place to live on Earth…

    Rapha Rides the TOC – Episode 3 from RAPHA on Vimeo.

  • Our friend Dr.Spor scored this mid 60′s AMC Hercules bike from some lady’s garage sale in Noe Valley for $50. Apparently she has two of this same bikes for sale and a collection of Nazi flags. ;]

    Btw, that bike is too small for you. I will buy it off you, and make it a loaner bike.

  • Jon at Box Dog bike took these pictures for me last month. Here goes a bike porn/ shameless self promotion.

    Red Moulton AM-7


    Renault 531


    Here we have me, and my Alex Moulton AM-7 build made in the early 1980s. I scored this bike from a very nice guy from Portland.

    Story goes: I found the bike listed on the Moulton Club website last November. I called up and inquired about the listing and spoke with the owner.  We had a very good conversation about the bike and what modification he had done when he restored the bike. I felt connected and agreed with the purchase. Two days later, I drove 11 hours straight from San Francisco to Portland to pick up this beauty. John had done many modification which I prefer not to describe here because I might get it wrong. He wrote an article about his restoration project for Alex Moulton Club publication. I will post that when I get his permission.

    This bike rides like a dream. I have been riding it almost every day; rain or shine.. it doesn’t feel any different than 700c bicycle nor does it felt wobbly like other small-wheels bike that I rode in the past.  This bike is a win win win…..

    Good morning and happy bike porn day everyone….

  • After watched these VDOs, i think off a friend from Portland. He trained all year just to go on a two weeks ride in Italy. I am not sure the exact detail of the ride, but It’s sound very similar to this Rapha Tour of California ride. I think I will do that ride someday.

    Rapha Rides the TOC – Episode 2 from RAPHA on Vimeo.